Axie Infinity: As Silly As Our World

Games can be dystopian or utopian i understand that. World ending, world on fire, battle, war, war heroes, war criminals, crime, Mario’s love and Sonic and it’s friend’s attributes, it is understandable that the blockchain should be given the same creative freedom that other games are given.

In fact, blockchain deserves more because of its permission-less innovation tag and the label of decentralization being attached to it allows it more chances to be more edgy and unique.

But Axie, despite its somewhat cute and exciting graphics does not give me a rush. I love cryptokitties. It is one of the best cryptocollectibles out there, this means that a. it is the most validated with love, support and ETH. b. It is genuinely attractive and cute. The artwork is amazing quality.

However, For Axies i feel like the pressure was higher being yet another digital pets on the Ethereum blockchain, but its performance not as impressive.

However, there are not the only issues that one can have with the game.

The battle is one of the larger pursuits of all Axies. It is present as an end goal from the beginning of their life as an egg in the laboratory. The cuteness factor with the fierce fight, well that is what cryptofighters is doing, and doing better by their art at least.

The Axie world, it is an unfair world after all, even for the poor little Axies. Mouths, Horns, Backs, and Tails all come with an associated ability while Eyes and Ears will confer passive boosts in the future. The abilities that Axies can bring into battle are determined by their body parts. Much like the real world and all the problems that we see with meritocracy are present in the Axie world, and i do not think that the makers were looking for such traits, or even thinking along these gamer-critical lines.

The chances of winning in the battlefied are determined by the Positioning of the Axie. Axies attack the Axie that is closest to them on the battlefield. If two Axies are at the same distance, the Axie that is attacked will be random. Although blockchain picks who will be attacked where, it is still a little unfair and not so fun as it could have been to let the blockchain tech choose my attack play. I just feel that this is one of the randomized things, there could be more and this is the one that they chose to reveal, how boring could that be!

Cryptokitties is addictive, the contests are cute and they’re well crafted, these Axie things, well i do not know yet.

The part that i really do not like is the class system, for me this was like out of one muddle into another. There are 6 classes of Axie: Beast, Aquatic, Plant, Bird, Reptile, and Bug.

Then during battle, abilities can Miss, Counter, and Critical Hit. In addition, Axies can enter last stand mode. Such a Game Of Thrones vibe for me. A little too graphic, too crazy for my taste. Yes, i know anybody who does not like GOT can not be trusted, i like but maybe i’d spend that time playing DOTA instead.

What do you think? Let us know!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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