Augur has Announced the Release of Augur App With Improved UI/UX

Recently, Augur has informed its users about the release of the new version (v1.5.0) of their Augur application on twitter. The tweet stated that the application got redesigned for better UI and Ux, but all this redesigning process took a lot of code tweaking. The tweet stated,

Recently talking to BlockPublisher, the co-founder of Karmaship, Alfa Warrior expressed his opinions regarding why blockchain wasn’t gaining mass adoption. He blamed the developers that they didn’t focus much on the UI and UX. He said,

It has to do with basic stuff like UX and UI not being up to the mark with the centralized projects like the ones you get on Apple store which cater to the problems with a better UI and are generally easy to comprehend applications. The adoption rate is slow because crypto is still pretty hard to use and understand.

Augur has aimed to fix these problems in their update. Other points of the update were also mentioned by Augur. The main points that they stated were, an improved design, updated app to use the webpack toolchain, light node client app fixes, another update relating to the redesign is that the volume is now shown in terms of ETH and shares are expressed as ShareVolume. They also added react and redux mechanism for view/state management.

Although the updates are commendable, but the users couldn’t help resist the statement present on their official Github page which stated,

Due to the current architecture of this implementation, the use of self-signed SSL certificates, and Firefox’s security model, using a Ledger with Firefox is not currently supported. We will be working to fix this issue. In the meantime, it is recommended to use Chrome with Ledger.

The users are currently waiting for the updates to come which would help cater this issue.

Shehryar Hasan

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