Artificial Intelligence and Singularity

The technological singularity is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence (ASI) will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.
The world is going to change its shape. The progress we have seen today is not enough.
The typical U.S. worker at a private company gets 10 days of paid vacation and six paid holidays per year. That is markedly less than what employees in Europe receive. A work week already allows one or more day off depending on the industry, some days are half days, all companies have their own sabbatical programs and rules.
The world is expected to work for the rest of the year. While the holidays vary throughout the countries around the world, the human civilization pushes the boundaries to ensure that they work for ten days and party for the rest of the 355 days a year.
This is why the world’s progress is not enough. It could have been huge. The population is so big. The global population in billions is basically a lot. Small sections of this population have come up with giant companies that have changed the world in a way that everything we see around us has been tweaked to perfection by the funds and the innovation of these few companies. The whole development could have fuelled too much, grown way more and we could have been far ahead in time but things changed slowly and eventually became what we see today.
Cryptocurrency is on the rise. People are trying to adapt, they are trying to accept and it is still a little absurd and a little confusing for the rest. If the world had been growing at a speedier pace then the world would have already accepted cryptos and gotten all comfy with it.
Through artificial intelligence, things will change, things will become easier and things will become more techy. This will lead to a greater complexity in life and nothing would look like itself anymore. The human civilisation will change dramatically.
As AI improves itself, it will learn how to become better at improving itself, thus causing the explosion of intelligence. Cryptos will become stable against the dollar. People will love it just alike. The face of the earth will become more friendly to cryptos and more welcomed to the newer and better technologies.
The crypto boom that will come then it will require less human validation and as things become smarter and automated cryptos will grown on their own and the goodness will spread to the whole planet likewise.

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