Are You Entitled to the Goodness of Blockchain?

Every morning i wake up feeling blessed. Some i wake up feeling tired and lazy. We all know its okay to feel this way. Its okay to feel unmotivated. How many things are working in our favor if look at the superstructure of the world after all.

People talk about the biases they want to talk about. Organisations and governments handle the issues that they want to see handled. Businesses adopt policies that they think will bring new and fresh profit streams into the business. There is chaos and no order everywhere.

The anarchy that the world is supposed to be free of thanks to the concept of the government, is actually ridden a little too much in the world, once inspected closely.

We like to believe that the world is so refined, the tech is really doing its job and things are improving, but the hell they are! They are not. We are living in a big giant dumpster of good and bad ideas, where for some reason (usually profit) bad ideas still win.

Then we expect people to fix things for us. Then we dream of a world with law managed on blockchain systems and traffic to be handled by DAO’s. We want our driver-less cars to pay for their fuel themselves in crypto without us having to worry about the wallet refilling. We really wanna lay back even more while the world to magically renew its energies, obtain new principles and get better mechanisms to enforce them simultaneously.

We want it all. We want big businesses to give way for our smaller businesses that are not run by people but automated. But, this has to happen while we continue to chomp on the cereal and bucket of fried chicken from that one big capitalist organisation. We can not make sacrifices. And yet we think we are entitled to change.

We have not earned it. We have done nothing to deserve it by far. We have done nothing to end exploitation and manipulation of resources. We are still sucking up on whatever wish bones they throw at us and we continue to remain numb.

I hope you are feeling me. We have done nothing to allow a smoother entry and press for a need of blockchain application in important spheres such as law and electoral process and resource application, yet we want it to happen right away.

This could happen if the world functioned on magic and magical forces bringing all the good together itself. But, IT DOES NOT. The world is unfair and ridiculous, all change that has come and that can come has been worked asses and lives over for.

And here we just sit and dream as we take yet another drag at the bong for the good vibes.

Question yourself and question me, is this how it will work? Radical things don’t come to people themselves. They are careful social projects, Globalization was clearly plotted and planned to bring in money money money for the capitalists. Blockchain will bring equality but who will employ it where it needs to be at?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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