Are You A Budding Entrepreneur? The Smart Company Model Could Be Your New Best Friend

We’ve seen an exponential rise in the amount of young people leaving the considerable comfort of a 9-5 job to work towards their dream goal of being self-employed and starting up their own business.

As a budding new entrepreneur, you might be brimming with ideas and innovations to help create a need for your product, service, idea or technology in the market, but you may have given the least thought to how you might get there legally.

The creation of a legal structure for your new start up can be a real pain but might be one of the most important things to consider when creating a business model and now you don’t have to do it yourself. That’s where the Smart Company model comes in! Run completely on the Ethereum blockchain, this innovative model provides entrepreneurs a fool proof, cost effective and transparent method of running their company.

Grab that legal recognition for your business today by hopping on board the Smart Company express and convert your corporate shares into registered Ethereum tokens that carry important and secure information regarding your company.

This method also helps save time as unlike traditional legal organizations, the Smart company is an online and increasingly accessible way of sending and receiving shares to partners or investors.

To get a little more insight, it is important to find out how and why this one stop solution was created in the first place and where better to find that information than from the founder of Korporatio, the man behind it all, Stefano Covolan.

In a feature on Invest In Blockchain, Covolan narrated his own experience and how it led to the creation of this platform, “I invested in a startup that got a great increase in valuation only 3 months after my investment, but that happiness only lasted a few minutes. The problem was – in a market with no liquidity the increase in valuation is almost fake. Basically, I had an issue directly in front of me and started to look for a solution in the market. Unfortunately, nobody was working on something like that, so I decided to do it myself. While I was developing the simple concept I saw that smart contracts could do so much more, so I decided to create a 360 solution for the company governance.”


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