Are We Ready For Real Dating Apps?

Okay NVM. Maybe there is no such thing as a real dating app, Or a realistic dating app. But, doesn’t hurt to try right. We are creatures of habit. Oh, us silly humans. We will try no matter what, to look for that pop culture love fit that hits all our bells just about right. But, has this pinch ever brought anything good?

All of us have had Tinder matches gone wrong, our fair share of online fiascos we eventually regretted. ‘Your match is 9 miles away’ means a lot more than just that. It means that the date will take 30 minutes to meet you. That too if they spend about 4 minutes in a shower and another 2 minutes washing their hair and then run at an okay speed.

This is means:

a. They must be in a bigger pinch than you that they would run to you.

b. They have the decency to shower and brush their teeth or whatever.

c. They are excited to meet you. (Why though) To shag obviously.

Now the problem with such apps is that:

1. They are speed dating based. Well ok, need of the hour? Perhaps.

2. All they do is list all the faces infront of you, you scroll and scroll or swipe and swipe, its all on you to make the right choices and hope the person is not a rapist, sicko or a stink bomb.

3. Rarely is a match good enough. Of course life is not an indie movie and its highly possible that your date is shit show and you surely know of this before you swiped right. But, it is still not as good as it could be. It is completely random but in a bad way.

4. Even the sex out of it is bad and not worth the effort.

Bottom-line, True-story:

Lonely and sad times can come on all of us. Some of us are fairytale lovers and we hope that an online date can help us pull ourselves out of our mid-life crises, existential guilt and shakedowns. So it is okay, it should not hurt to try. It should NOT be a pain to make the effort.

In a situation like so, a person can use a better dating app. After all we deserve better apps than what we have got. We need more security and better handling. We need better systems (that can ensure a good fuck, i wish there is) and more quality preserving options.

Nobody should have to settle for less.

Blockchain is a match!

Yep. Blockchain has redefined consent, it has made digital trust possible and online profiles can be scam free. It can also maintain a public record of misconduct and ratings if need be. It can change how you and i think about online dating. It can work to save our times, hearts, efforts and noses. It can make online dating a safe option that is well optimized and tailored for our needs, more apt than ever and yet be taboo free.

It has already started.

There is Luna, Amorito, ICO Dateme, Viola.ai, MatchPool, ProjectHicky and Bumble that i can think of on my finger tips, thanks to the year of research and love for blockchain. But, lets see which one of these wins. May the best app win, amen.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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