Are Kids The Key to Mass Adoption Cryptocurrency?

You are probably wondering how cryptocurrency can be helped by the kids? Mass adoption of digital currency does not depend entirely on getting the kids interested actually. But nowadays kids are well aware of digital payments because of their online video games with has the in-game token, gift cards, and pre-paid credit cards. These don’t teach them about the cryptocurrencies of course. However, this is what bitcoin is to most people now. It is the buying and selling with cash. With introducing cryptocurrency In the daily life of the kids will help them make digital transactions easily. It’s a dream come true for the kids!

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Is Targeting Kids the Right Option?

It’s important to have a target audience which will make the change from using in-game currencies to cryptocurrencies. It’s actually not much of a hustle. However, to translate this into mass adoption we need to have a proper economic infrastructure. Efforts have been made to create this infrastructure for the kids. Pigzbe is a Swiss startup which has created the crypto wallet, specially designed for the kids. Time to get excited.

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The piggy-wallet will be the world’s first digital piggy. This will be helpful for the kids and also fun for the kids as the parents will give them a monthly allowance. The will teach the kids how to save up, earn and managing money which is most teenagers struggle with. Now no need to worry if you can’t save up, the piggy wallet will make you learn early. So facilitate your kids, today.

Are the Kids Safe?

We are all aware of the scammers in the world of crypto which why most parents ask, are the children safe? Yes, they are. This is how, Pigzbe uses a native token called Wollo, which is bought by the parents. They send it to their kids’ piggy wallets using the Pigzbe app. So now all the feature of the piggy wallet could be achieved without Wollo except security. Kids would be vulnerable if left alone without parental security. To make sure that the kids stay harmless, the Pigzbe wallet and app create a secure network. So fear not, your kids will be safer than ever.

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Making families Stick Together

The Pigzbe App is a great way to stay connected to your family financially. It let you create their own enclosed financial networks and to exchange money within them without any trouble. Is distance a problem while using the Pigzbe App? No, it’s not. The Pigzbe app can link multiple piggy wallets to create a family based cryptocurrency that allows you to make payments. It doesn’t matter if the amount if small or large. Isn’t that just great?

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Many members of families live in different countries who have traveled there for work purposes and are financially supporting their families that are left behind. To make it easier for the model Pigzbe is developing could help these families send payments to each other. This will not only bring the families closer together but also it helps them stay stress-free and have a better lifestyle! So get your Pigzbe App now, and see the change in your life!



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