Apollo, Looking To Make Bitcoin And Ethereum Obsolete?

A Privacy Coin in Town, But Two Can Keep a Secret if One of Them is Dead

Cryptos have 99 problems, and all 99 all solvable with a little patience from the users, enthusiasts, trolls.

Apollo is an All-in-One privacy coin and a technological solution that can leave behind our ideas of good cryptos and help us never look back. At least this is its promise.

The team behind it calls it the “fastest and most advanced cryptocurrency”, they are certain that this is just the beginning and things will change dramatically.

Apollo wants to leave behind ethereum and bitcoin in a place where they can just not match it’s performance anymore. A little too ambitious? Isn’t that always a good thing, well other than the time Icarus flew too close to the sun.

The target for this to be achieved in Q1 2019 and this will mainly come by the launch of the sharing feature on the underlying Hermes blockchain. We love how it is all so American. Such close to home names. Dang!


Stephen McCullah, Business Development Manager of Apollo claims that even if cryptocurrencies were to be completely shut down, people would still be able to use their platform due to its complete privacy characteristics. Well, isn’t that arrogant. But, perhaps he is right, people like being secretive and secrets are best when kept on tech that refuses to show them.

If regulation hits, we will be one of the only platform that is unregulatable. Even if the whole world banned crypto people will be able to buy and sell goods, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, create tokens, send messages, send and store files and so much more on the Apollo platform. We are already one of the only currencies that completely masks your IP.

Although with blockchain you never know what hack does what and in the future as time gets sophisticated blockchains may continue to become more and more vulnerable to security breaches wherever it is profitable for the hackers.

It’s crazy but even privacy coins on the market now don’t hide this which makes your physical location known. This is why we are working to be all-in-one, we want to be the ultimate platform when governments crack down so crypto users can still do everything they need out of a cryptocurrency and not be tracked.

If they are right then this is some very cutting edge tech, and perhaps if not completely sidelined, but bitcoin and ethereum will at least have a new rival to worry about other than their own 99 problems.

Khunsha Javed

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