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Bitcoin and other cryptos have people raving about how awesome of a step up they are from the current financial system, but not everyone is as psyched about it and there is a very legit reason behind it. Bitcoin’s very nature comes with a high degree of volatility and it is because of the ever-changing prices of the core-alt assets, like ETC and LTC, that people see the cryptocurrencies as unpredictable and risky investments.

Of course the great minds of the cryptoverse picked up on people’s hesitations and addressed the issue of financial risks they’d have to take by introducing masternode investments, which gives people the option to minimize the overall financial risk.

What are Masternodes?

The term masternodes refers to the nodes that are involved in a crypto network, which see through a specific function other than simply relaying transactions. A feature that is sure to pique the users interest is that it ahs the ability to aid investors in acquiring profits simply by locking up their holdings in the masternode for a fixed time period.

However, while masternodes are an attractive solution, they are also out of the reach of an average investor because of its requirement for significant amount of financial and technical assets.

There is a platform that is working on fulfilling everyone’s need for a masternode, APIS. Being masternode platform, it hopes to fulfill the need to easy, as well as innovative masternoding, regardless of the users familiarity with the masternode. The team behind APIS wants to make masternoding an enjoyable experience rather than a cumbersome one.

You can think of APIS as a masternode mediation platform, which gives the opportunity of gaining access to a two-tier incentivized network, also known as the Masternode Network, to crypto enthusiasts around the world.

How Does APIS Work?

APIS, also sometimes referred to as APIS Core, has been designed on top of the Ethereum public blockchain and serves as a masternode mediation platform that helps in utilizing assets with masternodes effectively.

The Working of APIS

A specially designed OS administers the APIS platform, and is responsible for facilitating all transactions in an orderly fashion. For example on the transference of virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum to the APIS core, the users receive APIS coins, which is the native token of the platform, that are equivalent in value.

APIS Coinage

APIS coinage is the module for making all financial dealings and even conversations possible.

After all the investment-related formalities are taken care of, the investors can then receive their rewards which are directly proportional to their share or contribution.

Key Features of APIS


The users can access the platform through an array of digital mediums like PC’s, laptops and even smartphones. This increased accessibility enables the users to maximize their overall profits on the go. The developers have specifically designed the platform to work on a wide range of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.


There are many masternode coins in the market, however most of them are accompanied by stringent requirements such as always maintaining a certain amount of tokens along with the cumbersome task of implementing them on a server, which is accessible the entire day. This acts as a hurdle for casual investors as most of them are not familiar with technical IT operations.

APIS caters to its customers in a way that they can enjoy all of the benefits with none of the annoying complications, that are likely to arise when an individual deploys an independent masternode.

The APIS Core

The APIS Core is responsible for the management of the user information and APIS assets. The APIS Core is an EVM-based blockchain program and utilizes the popular PoS consensus algorithm; hence it can be launched in conjunction with other platforms such as Ethereum and Qtum.

Other Notable Features of the Platform

  • APIS users have the facility to execute their masternode investments without any delays, which is a downside in other platforms, as they require users to wait until their masternode is filled completely.
  • It does not charge its users any commission.
  • APIS doesn’t require enormous financial resourcesor complex software engineering skills.
  • A steady income source all the while reducing the risk that comes with market volatility.

The APIS Team



You can read the whitepaper here. 

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