Anthony Pompliano Favours The President’s Chief Of Staff That He Will Impose A Bullish Trend For Bitcoin

The founder and partner at the Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, states that the the President’s chief of staff is fond of the cryptos and majorly, the bitcoin as he likes that the digital currencies are decentralized. The assets are less exposed to government imposed involvement which surely is a good omen for the financial assets. As per Pomp, the chief of staff declared that the Federal Reserve resulted in a devaluation of the dollar currency. This is a serious discourse as Pomp puts it, relating to the chief of staff being a bitcoin fan and an adamant supporter of the cryptos. Pompliano sides with government official that he has a direct access with the President and can turn the tides in favour of the cryptos. BlockPublisher got to continue the discourse with Pompliano in order to extract some comments from the Morgan Creek Digital official.

The new chief of staff for the President is sure that it was Federal Reserve is the major factor, that has resulted in the downfall of the US dollar in the international market. The guy loves the digital assets and the fact that there is minimal involvement from the governments that are there to manipulate.

The Federal Reserve is a serious official reserve that needs to be elevated is what the other government officials are stating against the chief of staff but there are the crypto fans who are cheering for their wishes just might get granted as they have a person in direct contact with the President and it can somehow, even in trace amount can  trace it to eventual crypto success.

There has always been a factor of government influence for the fiats which lags when we turn to cryptos. This is the exact reason which strikes decent for the chief of staff. The chief of staff states that the cryptos are less prone to manipulation which is a major part for the fiats. Another crypto analyst addressed the situation as following.

Bullish too but….please don’t use this narcissist/criminal/grifter president as a talking point…we don’t need any more bad press being in any way associated with this clown!! He’s going to prison soon…with his criminal family and most of his administration!

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