Another Esteemed College Joins the Bitcoin League

King’s College is one of the most renowned universities across the globe and they too are big contenders of crypto. Well, not entirely them but the credit goes to King’s College’s Blockchain Society, KCL Blockchain. This educational group has decided to launch a new program called Blockchain A-Z. The best part is that it is a student-run society!

So Zilliqa, a through-put public blockchain platform is partnering with KCL Blockchain in this adventure. This free, four-week long workshops are part of Zilliqa’s ongoing education outreach initiatives.

The platform brings together students from various departments, such as business, engineering and law, with an aim to integrate the financial and technical aspects of the blockchain technology. This will bring out blockchain’s true potential and present us with different use cases for it.

Blockchain is open to enroll students at KCL and the sessions will commence from March 26, 2019.

Blockchain education is essential in securing a sustainable future for the wider industry. With Zilliqa’s roots in academic research, Blockchain A-Z enables us to not only give back to academia but to also engage with the next-generation of talent and equip them with the necessary knowledge and resources to bring their ideas to life. We are thrilled to kick off Zilliqa’s A-Z series with King’s College London, as a world-leading university and one of the oldest in the UK, it is inspiring to see the students, staff, and alumni embrace this emerging technology at such a pivotal time for the industry,” exclaimed Xinshu Dong, CEO and Co-Founder of Zilliqa.

The team includes Zilliqa Developer marketing lead, Saiba Kataruka, at KCL, a former University of Oxford graduate. He will be responsible for leading Zilliqa’s global blockchain education initiatives for students and experienced developers.

In a conference he said that he was very excited to be working on this where he gets the opportunity to engage with a creative community that are open to new ideas and think out of the box. He promised that this is something for everyone, beginners and experienced, both will get to learn a lot from this initiative.

Blockchain A-Z is designed in a way that will provide participants with hands-on experience through the many elements of blockchain application. They will be dealing with the business as well as the technical side. They will not only realize the potential this technology has but also unpack it’s limitations that hinder it’s mainstream adoption.

The program is limited as of yet because they will only be catering 30-50 students. So make sure you hurry and sign up if you want to expand your horizons. But it is worth the hassle because Zilliqa is also inviting students participating in Blockchain A-Z to apply for their Ecosystem Grant Program which has a grand pool of $5 million USD.

Blockchain A-Z welcomes all interested KCL students to participate. For more information and to register your interest, please visit Blockchain A-Z on Eventbrite.

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