An Illicit Relationship Between Cryptos and $100 Bill

There are now more $100 bills than $1 bills in the world.

Cryptocurrencies made it possible for the common man, or the kind who do not like the limelight to be able to make big transactions without catching the eye of the big financial watchdogs. With a great deal of regulation (which is still not enough) this has somewhat changed. Although cryptos power of being able to make bigger payments and receive big amounts of money so much so that it is shady, is still a defining characteristic of it. The ease is amazing. Comparative to traditional fiat notes, it is safer. Nobody would mug you as you are on your way to the bank to transfer a huge amount of cash. Cryptos allow people to make payments without excessive (and annoying) questions of authorities, cranky bank staff and what not.

Mobile payments have also gained popularity in countries where banks are not present in remote areas but, ATM’s, PayPal and other services like MoneyGram etc are.

But, the 100$ note changed things. It allowed people to make big transactions in a compact manner. It is also more traceable. However, with cryptos trace-ability is gaining popularity among users.

In 2017, for the first time ever, the one hundred dollar bill became the most popular US bill in circulation, until it eventually lead on to beating the one dollar bill.

This bill is a new way of savings. People feel like its a big note that stores large amount of money so it must not be split up in change and thus becomes a means to save money or keeping the value stored (minus inflation, duh).

The finance industry of the stronger countries determines what international relationships would be like, it determines what the economic condition of the rest of the world would be, they also shape the future and fate of several countries.

So the finance industry of the U.S. plays a pivotal role in the welcoming and coming of the currency of the future. This means that before the world is taken over by cryptos, it faces new and creative competition from new and some old sources.

The popularity of this $100 bill also means that new virtual currencies are a useful tool for savings and transaction purposes both. The bill shows a big scope for more payment and savings notes. So, is this baby, helping out other babies in the market, undoubtedly.

Now you see it?

You do right?


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