ALTR Unleashes Cyber Security Benefits of Blockchain

Here’s something we didn’t see coming. Most of the data today exists in the form of images, videos, documents, and files. It is all the more exciting for malicious hackers to get a hold of this data, usually existing in a single physical space. No matter how many intricate layers of protection we provide to that single space, it will always be vulnerable and therefore, hack-able. Nowadays, Cyber Security systems merely respond to hacking threats without actually taking proactive measures to prevent them from happening in the first place. On the bright side, if you think about it, there is one piece of existing technology that could go hand in hand with Cyber Security to provide the ultimate data protection. Blockchain technology provides a decentralized network of all kinds of data that is impossible to penetrate.

Based in Texas, ALTR is an all new software company extracting the best features about blockchain and modifying them to secure data as a resource. Where a cryptocurrency blockchain would store data related to transactions, ALTRChain provides the ultimate platform where a node could contain multiple forms of data. More over, ALTR will incorporate the use of breaking down data into parts and storing in multiple physical spaces that reference each other through cryptography, preventing it from being accessed by the wrong hands.

ALTR’s new software can be broken down into these products:

ALTR Monitor

As the name suggests, the monitor is a data intelligence system that keeps track of all data access requests and stores this information on a separate blockchain. The monitor will provide insights regarding businesses and where they stand to users. The product is supposed to help users uncover truths about businesses and implement policies in real-time.

ALTR Govern

Cyber security is enhanced in a manner that is never before seen. ALTR Govern will give businesses total control over data flow and permissions. Specific data can be locked, watched or even hidden from being used by the selective audiences.

ALTR Protect

Protecting data from risks, this pick of the bunch fragments and tokenizes data. Hacking a particular piece of information will be meaningless because it exists as only a fragment of the data. In a blockchain, all versions of data (usually cryptocurrency transactions) and their ownership are recorded. Similarly, a complete list of all versions of data along with ownerships is kept safe and secure on ALTRChain.


A treat for developers, The ALTR ChainAPI is a perfect fit for those who want to incorporate blockchain technology and cyber security to their own applications. The API is easy to use and even easier to install. In fact, you don’t even need a degree in Engineering to use it. Features include:

  • Security
  • Immutability
  • Data Intelligence
  • Data governance

Software developers can visit the ALTR Developer’s Center to learn more about ChainAPI. You can also request a demo version of the product on their website.

Recommendations by Advisors

ALTR is one of the first few of its kind. The implications of protecting data through blockchain are groundbreaking, as is the market competition for such ventures. The official advisory report from Outsell’s William Jan includes the following:

  • ALTR needs to focus on the largest of companies i.e those containing the most sensitive information, prone to being hacked.
  • Strategic advertisement for the adoption of blockchain in everyday lives, starting off with very cheap storage, very fast processors, and very high connection speeds.

ALTR recently announced that they have gathered $15 million from institutional and private sources in the cybersecurity, IT, and financial-services industries, including participation by angel John Stafford III, current CEO of Ronin Capital. These funds will be used to exceed expectations of users by introducing and perfecting ALTR products.

As of now, ALTR has not yet responded on being asked about their plans for handling competitors targeting a similar domain.

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