“Altcoiners Are More Inclined Towards Remaining Silent And Thought Fraudulent, Not Towards Removing Doubt”, States Entrepreneur, Jimmy Song

The bitcoin educator, investor and entrepreneur, Jimmy Song picks out a peculiar feature of the altcoiners that they do not pay any heed to the users as to what they think of their product keeping them under the greatest of doubts. They tend to stick to the silence that they have acquired to this day and stick to being “thought fraudulent”. Although Song presented his views to the public too and gathered intense heat over stating every altcoin as such because there are also some projects that are worth the appreciation. Nevertheless, the plethora of scams and all have clogged the altcoins and other projects from every being as good as the genesis crypto, the bitcoin there is an intense need for the altcoins to create the environment that does not promote frauds and scams one bit to begin with. BlockPublisher got the chance to debate over the very status of the altcoiners and over what exactly is their stance over the very circumstances.

Altcoiners are either economically not sound enough to carry with their project or they are foolish enough not to intimate their users over the current circumstances that might turn a little rough sometimes. They tend to stick to the silent treatment for their users which can sound like scam and they remains thought fraudulent as always.

This statement from Jimmy Song got him much attention both from people favouring him and the ones who did the opposite thing. A crypto enthusiast going by the name, Jhonny Crypto turned on Song stating that all the people who support bitcoin are not accepting of any other project that is being developed. Though we strongly need crypto acceptance but bitcoin promoters not favouring any strong and sound altcoin project puts a strain over the entire crypto market.

Bitcoiners: It’s better to keep bashing every project than actually focus in BTC.

With all the recent scams related to altcoins being here still with us, the inventor of the Proof-of-Skill protocol and the founder of Protoblock, Jay Berg had the same thoughts as Jimmy Song and backed his statement that scams are here not just to pollute the certain crypto but damaging the entire crypto market. But the thing as per Berg is that we need to accept new and fresh projects which can turn a good omen for the entire crypto market.

Bitcoiners are to Altcoins, as Nocoiners are to Bitcoin … closed minded and scarred due to plethora of scams.

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