Alphacat: Decentralized Predictive Investment Tools for Cryptocurrencies

Crypto and blockchain marketplace is the next favorite investment place for the world. New startups based on blockchain technology are emerging from all corners of the world, ensuring a trustworthy exchange of funds, which grab the attention of the investors. To make life easier for the investors, fintech startups have also emerged. One of these additions is Alphacat. Alphacat is being created to be the most advanced artificially intelligent robot adviser marketplace, which is extremely easy to use even though very strong and complex algorithms are etched into it. This platform is being developed by a very talented team of individuals immersed with the knowledge of AI tech and Big Data. Using NEO platform, Alphacat has been built as blockchain based tamper proof financial technology to help its customers make informed, and intelligent decisions about investing in cryptocurrencies.

The founder and CEO of Alphacat Dr. Bin Li, who was the Former Vice President of Merrill Lynch, Executive Director at UBS North America and Head of UBS Global Quantitative Trading Strategies Group, has put together a team of 30 talented individuals from experts in AI and machine learning, to financial advisers and investors, to deliver this platform to all in need.

Why Alphacat?

The need for this platform rose due to the existence of inexperienced investors. Sometimes they lack the information, data, personal energy and resources to make an intelligent decision about where and how to invest. The professional financial technology is only available for the high net worth investors and large financial institutions like banks and funds.

The fintech developers may have had successful endeavors, but are still a subject to segregation within the market because they have to be dependent and cannot get profits directly. In the current scenario, there is no decentralized market where developers and publishers can publish their work autonomously. This is where Alphacat comes in.

Alphacat is a platform which will bring the usefulness of the financial technology, free for everyone from high scale investors to smaller ones. A decentralized platform that would enable multiple developers and investors to build and deploy their applications.

The main underlying issue of services being available to the only high bidder will vanquish all attributed to the development of this platform. This marketplace will be like a general application store where users can buy use and rate the applications. According to the white paper,

Alphacat’s technological capabilities and services are at the forefront of the fields related to the quantitative investment in Fintech, and the digital assets in the blockchain.

What Alphacat is offering?

Alphacat plans to provide a number of services all through one platform. One of them is assisting as a financial terminal. It would enable the financial professionals to get their hands on real-time data, news, and analytics. It is not specifically meant for cryptocurrencies but professionals can also get a glimpse of complex digital market world through the Alphacat Terminal. The Alphacat Engine is publicized to be the core of the Alphacat platform. It runs on a series of meticulously designed algorithms based on Artificial intelligence that would enable the investors and developers to design and sell the fintech solution they created, for all the people who have access to this platform.

Apart from that, Alphacat provides a marketplace for all the fintech developers to sell their artificially intelligent applications. It is called ACAT- Store. This store would house a number of blockchain based AI application that can be bought by masses for their financial needs. The application can also be rated and evaluated by the customers.

The customers that Alphacat targets are of three types, which include the financial experts who are experienced and have knowledge about all things finance, as well as programmers and developers who can use the knowledge of these financial experts to good use by developing innovative solutions to problems related to cryptocurrencies. This also includes the professional investors who use the assessment provided by the algorithms to make safe and intelligent investment decisions as well as ordinary investors who have little to no knowledge about where and how to invest. Being inexperienced will not stand in the way of them making better investment decisions.

Benefits of Alphacat

  • The platform is being developed to provide financial assessment to all those who seek, using the advanced artificially intelligent algorithms.
  • Alphacat will initially incorporate its team of experts to provide financial forecasting, trading models and applications. They will allow the users to purchase and review and rate these products and provide them incentives to do so, thus creating a decentralized platform.
  • Alphacat platform can be used by developers to develop and publish their applications.
  • Built on NEO, it has all the aspects NEO blockchain covers. The NEO blockchain will provide safety to the investors by protecting their information.

Alphacat Tokens

Alphacat has also created its token, which can be stored with a NEO address. These are abbreviated as ACAT.

Initially a total supply of 2,500,000,000 tokens existed. the Initial coin offering, which begin on January 12, 2018 ended on the same day and $10 million were raised. 40% of the total ACATs are in circulation, 15% are allotted for the Alphacat team which are locked and currently not in circulation, 10% for Alphacat shareholders which are locked and currently not in circulation too, as well as 35% in reserves are also locked.

The Future

Alphacat platform is set to go live in the third financial quarter of 2018. Furthermore the extensive road map and whitepaper is also available for all to refer.Alphacat RoadmapTo conclude, Alphacat is to be deployed to all the potential investors and developers in the future, with the provision of a blockchain based artificially intelligent robo-adviser, who is trained specifically for acting as a financial assistant, a marketplace and a terminal. With majority of its use cases still in beta testing, only time will tell whether they will be able to make progress according to their road map.

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