AlphaBlock’s DragonNode Joins CyberMiles’ Genesis Validator Program

CyberMiles‘ #GenesisValidator program is joined by yet another Super node by AlphaBlock. AlphaBlock are calling their node ‘Dragon Node’. Yesterday, CyberMiles announced their partnership with AlphaBlock on their twitter. They tweeted,

Upon inquiry on what goals are associated with this partnership, CyberMiles told BlockPublusher,

They are going to implement a supernode on our Blockchain since our DPoS is run by 19 validators/Supernodes.

Each validator is supposed to maintain the network infrastructure and making changes and governance decisions on behalf of its delegators. CyberMiles’ DPoS aims to create a better ecosystem for an e-commerce blockchain expanding the facilities and eliminating the issues faced by Ethereum blockchain. CyberMiles previously told BlockPublisher,

CyberMiles’ Smart Business Contract is designed to be far more powerful than Ethereum Smart Contracts. Marketplace functions currently centralized (like dispute resolutions) can be done, via CyberMiles, in a more efficient, cost-effective, decentralized manner, powered by the communities’ own incentivized members. This, in turn, will strengthen the participation and creativity of marketplace participants while at the same time allowing the network to become more dynamic and scalable.

The aim of AlphaBlock with this project is to integrate the blockchain technology with traditional industry finance and revolutionize e-commerce with CyberMiles. AlphaBlock supports innovations in blockchain, and with this project, they envision to maximize investment returns to investors.

The technical plan of AlphaBlock regarding DragonNode was also given in the blog post of CyberMiles. DragonNode will operate initially with server from the Google cloud and later on, will move to its bare metals data center in San Francisco. Server will be a Dell PowerEdge R930/R940, which would be highly upgradable to any specs needed. The specs of the Google Cloud data center are 32 vCPUs, 120 GB Ram, 16 PDs, 64 TB.

AlphaBlock has staked 1 million CMT tokens and announced their compensation rate to be 50%. The elected validator gets a portion of block awards in the form of validator compensation according to CM’s DPoS. The compensation rate is set by the applicants of Super Node themselves.

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