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If you are new to the crypto-world. You’ve come to the right place my friend. It’s time to educate yourself and do some learning. You might find some of the things funny. But, a funny as they might sound, it’s absolutely necessary to take them very seriously.


If you don’t know already know about the Pump-and-dump, we’ll warn you to keep your eye open at all times. Crypto is all about the demand game. The price rates go low and high on a daily without any warnings. What this happens? Don’t worry we’re here to help you.

For instance, 500 to 1000 people buying at the same time makes the prices go up, up and beyond. This my friend is called pumping. This affects the overall crypto-market. Then they would sell it when they have earned enough, this is called dumping. What more fascinating is that this process takes place between only 30 seconds to 10 minutes? Take caution, and be alert!

Buy Low or Sell High

Depending on the person, if you are aiming for short-term earnings that means you’re speculating. You will buy and sell more rapidly than people whose main target is to invest. Speculating is all about keeping a keen eye on the fluctuating prices of the markets. Buy on lower prices and sell at higher prices, just by being more observant with the rates. You shall win a fortune!

However, if you are looking for investing your hard-earned money, then you have come to the right place. Targeting for long-term earnings means you will see it succeeding in the future. Stay worry-free because you don’t need to be stressed about short-term fluctuation.

Bitcoin or Ethereum

If you have gained interest in crypto, you have already heard about these a million times. It’s everywhere!. But what are they? Bitcoin has been the largest market in cryptocurrency, dominating 90% of the market. How amazing! Now bitcoin have started to face competition by Ethereum and Litecoin, leading Bitcoin to dominate the market of around 40% only. However, they still have the highest market share.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum has 30% of the market share and has become the biggest rival of Bitcoin. Moreover, Ethereum can easily develop as it is entirely based on technology. Isn’t that intriguing? Take Ethereum as oil, you can use it and also has a potential to use it better. Two in one!

Bitcoin, the Game Changer

Bitcoin has been the most used currency which is why it has a good value. Learning with Bitcoin is easy and will keep you interested in it. Purchase some Bitcoins and enter the cryptocurrency market today! Make your dreams come true! With Bitcoin, you can purchase any other alternate coin, also known as Aitcoin. There’s a long list of things you can easily do with bitcoin. Don’t miss out the chance!

Watch Out for the Scams

In the world of the internet, you must be familiar to scams. They are everywhere! They want your personal information, so don’t fall into the trap! They might be for free but they are quite dangerous. Always Google search or go on reddit and Bitcoin forum to make sure it’s authentic.


There are several ways to earn bitcoin without paying for it, like Btcclicks which are safe to use, whereas don’t forget to be cautious with others!

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