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When you think of serious industries around the world, the gambling and betting industry probably doesn’t make it on the list, and to be honest its not just you. Because for eons gambling and betting both have been perceived as rather… well, shady. But that is, in no way stopping these industries from growing and since the introduction of the blockchain tech has multiple industries adopting to it, the gambling and betting industries aren’t going to be left behind.

Along with its ability to carry out lightning fast transactions, one of the core selling points of the blockchain tech is that it has the potential to build a safer, securer ecosystem, one that is also transparent. And how can we forget everyone’s favorite part? It takes out the middleman or third parties in the entire process.

So now, the gambling/betting industry is looking to solve all the problems that were plaguing the industry pretty much since its existence, by leveraging the famous blockchain tech. A number of emerging blockchain-powered projects are working to develop a transparent and reliable platform, where the users can also reap the benefits from the evolved industry, through rewards and incentives in the projects’ native digital tokens.

Here is a roundup of some of the top players in the blockchain era of gambling/betting that are making waves in the industry.


Wagger, is as its name clearly suggests, leverages the blockchain tech for the execution of betting contracts, which enable the stakes escrow, verification of results and winner payouts as well. Wagerr’s aim is to reduce the level of corruption and risk that is involved in the industry, largely due of the presence of a third parties or central authorities.


CasinoCoin intends to create a universal gambling currency, which can be transferred easily between games, casinos and even locales. Being a peer-to-peer blockchain, it endeavors to regulate the gaming industry in order to provide a rewarding gaming experience, with top-notch security, unprecedented speed, and absolute control over funds.


With an aim to change the face of betting and gambling, BetterBetting is decentralizing the system through its native token, the BETR. It will provide a global betting liquidity pool, which will be used by the industry’s leading gaming operator.

CashBet Coin

Being the first iGaming platform fueled by the blockchain tech, this platform wants to improve the overall experience for users, by offering solutions regarding the issues of trust, speed, payouts, and the lack of transparency in the gambling and betting industry.


DecentBet is a sports betting and online casino platform, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Along with the promise of a transparent platform, it also offers its users with various gambling games, like Russian roulette, craps and sports betting.


The platform holds the tall claim that it is the first completely transparent online gambling casino. Based on the Ethereum smart contract system, Edgeless is working on providing its users with the luxury of enjoying a 100% transparent betting platform. All the outcomes on the platform are free from human influence and based on pure luck.


In addition to being a betting platform, Marginless is interestingly enough, also a social platform. The users have the ability to share, create and even place bets directly against one another, that too without the inconvenience of any hidden charges and fees.

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