Alibaba And Aerospace Information Co. Team Up To Promote Blockchain Development

Alibaba has always been at the forefront of leading in innovation and technological advancements as they have been great adopters of blockchain based technologies for a while now. However, more good news might be on the way.

According to it’s website, Alibaba was “Launched in 1999, Alibaba.com is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world.”

The leader in E-commerce now, as per a news report by local Chinese news media, Securities Daily on the 21st of March 21 Alibaba has partnered up with Aerospace Information Co. which is a big player in the software developer and provider industry in order to develop strategies and solutions in blockchain and cloud computing among other technologies.

The aim is to “provide cloud solutions to promote the development of the blockchain industry. In the field of enterprise market services, we will coordinate the implementation of credit reporting services and smart mobile office services.”

The two companies have agreed to team up in order “to actively integrate resources and carry out in-depth cooperation in various areas of this agreement,” for the development of “cloud computing services and smart industries, finance and taxation, government affairs, blockchain, and enterprise market services.”

Aerospace information has also stated that they will facilitate the E Commerce giant in any way possible to ensure that his initiative is successful. As per the news report,

Through this strategic cooperation, it will be beneficial to the long-term development of the company’s related business, which will help the company to better serve the segmentation of the industry market and government and enterprise users, and create greater social value.

Back in 2018, Alibaba teamed up with local Chinese health centers to incoporate blockchain based technologies to record data. According to Zhang Zhigong who is the Director at Zhenglu Town Health Center in Changzhou, in an interview with local news Yicai Global,

It is cost effective and safe. With Blockchain, health centers and district hospitals are interconnected so that the people can enjoy convenient medical services.

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