After the MainNet Launch, Tezos (XTZ) Gets Bitfinex Trading Support Too

Bitfinex, one of the most prominent and leading cryptocurrency exchange platform recently announced that their platform is now supporting the trade of Tezos (XTZ).

Trading has been enabled for Tezos (XTZ) against USD & BTC. Bitfinex

XTZ can now be traded in exchange for Bitcoin as well as for US national currency. It was also mentioned that margin trading and P2P funding will be initiated as the tokens liquidity increases. Not long ago, BitFinex also announced opening trade for ParkinGO (GOT) against ETH, USD & EU as well as for TokenCard (TKN) against ETH & USD. Crypto traders are welcoming this listing and are very optimistic about growth in trading activities. Talking to BlockPublisher, a cryptocurrency trader, Justin Novarof said;

Bitfinex listing of XTZ will bring in more liquidity to the trading pair. We are betting on XTZ’s price escalation with high trading volumes.

In addition to being available on Bitfinex to trade, the MainNet of Tezos also went live yesterday. The genesis block that was proposed late in June, was incorporated as a constant part of the Tezos blockchain. This however was named as the beta net as it was presumed that the new network will also experience a certain downtime. The operation of the blockchain was monitored and considered in good shape to be deployed. Tezos stated;

Over the course of the last few months, we have been happy to see the network operating smoothly and efficiently. The community has been actively engaged, with more than 400 validators (“bakers”) .

Tezos is a Swiss blockchain based platform which can be controlled by the governing bodies and has the ability to update itself on its own, by the agreement of the ecosystem created by the blockchain. The platform raised a raised a record $232 million in its ICO last year. It supports a proof of stake algorithm which ensure that all the participants on the network are granted an equal opportunity to participate in validating the transactions on the network and are offered incentives by the network for their effort. The formal verification aids in securing smart contracts and prevents the system from faulty programs.

The official link for the blog post can be found here.

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