Aelf Releases Development Update Addressing Several Improvements to the Blockchain

Aelf (ELF), the decentralized cloud operating system blockchain has today released its weekly version of development updates to their platform. This update includes several updates to the Aelf software core while also addresses fixation of a few issues and bugs from the previous version. The update also briefly reveals plans for the next iteration regarding improvements on the Aelf sidechain, network, and wallet.

The development team discussed the following major updates:

  • Single-node verification has been completed on the blockchain while multiple node verification is pending.
  • Block Explorer has completed all code part, UI and quotes sections in progress.
  • Technical research for Native Wallet completed.
  • Solved issue of nodes not working after reboot.
  • Memory problem, trading pool issue solved.
  • Sending a transaction causing high CPU operation solved.
  • Multi-node execution trading issue in progress.
  • Web Wallet testing completed.
  • Bug regression testing, multi-node stability in progress.

Upgrade plans for next week include:

  • Sidechain verification in case of multiple nodes.
  • Verification of network topology of multi-node situation.
  • Verification of performance of sidechain in the cluster.
  • Development of Native Wallet.
  • Browser tests and bug fixes.
  • Fix E2E related issues.

Aelf Blockchain

Aelf is a blockchain that solves a few persistent issues in the existing blockchains. These issues include limited performance, lack of resource segregation and a lack of a governance model. Aelf aims to bring blockchain technology into the business scenario by solving these problems. It can be integrated into side chain specific business scenarios and possesses qualities to handle applications at a commercial setup.

Aelf possesses efficiency and scalability to handle transactions in a business application along with the high flexibility to customize smart contracts for industries. It also features greater adaptability towards new technology in the future while also possessing compatibility to allow cross blockchain communication in both business and private structures.

The Aelf team is powering up its online and marketing presence in 2018. They are also aiming to release major development upgrades every few months and discuss minor developments on a weekly basis. As revealed on their website, the plans for early 2019 include the launch of the main decentralized cloud computing application to multiple business scenarios.

Aelf’s latest weekly update can be found here.

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