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B is for Bitcoin, a first of its kind children book is set to hit the shelves this September.

With the outset of digital frenzy, there has never been a better time to raise finance and create market and sell goods and services. Young entrepreneurs are at the perfect point in life to start a business. A mere internet cable, like a sheathed neuron, has brought the global brains together, transmitting gen in a blink of an eye and illuminating the whole world. Process of acquiring knowledge, cognition, has never been easier, cheaper or faster.

But all is not okay. Our education system is struggling to keep up. Technology is rushing past on a hyper loop while our classrooms are stuck at the wonder of steam engines. The creativity and curiosity of young brains is going to waste by being conformed to the medieval formal education.

Graeme Moore, VP at Polymath, is not having this. Drawing inspiration from Dr Seuss, Graeme has set out to countermand this set of circumstances with the belief that young people are going to shape the future of technology, which means they need to be exposed to technology, and they need to be exposed to it early to give them a head-start in the technological understanding.

His field of interest is none other than the current kingpin of revolution in financial and economic markets: Bitcoin. From providing a store of value to those without a bank account to instantaneous, censorship-resistant value transfer from anyone to anyone anywhere in the world at any instant of time for essentially free, Bitcoin is providing a means for the poorest individuals to escape hyperinflation and the tyranny of corrupt governments.

Talking to BlockPublisher, Graeme expressed his obsession for Bitcoin and explained that writing a children’s book about Bitcoin is his way to contribute to the world of Bitcoin that he loved so much.

B is for Bitcoin is the first-ever ABC book about cryptocurrency. Learn your ABCs while learning about open, global, transnational, borderless, censorship resistant, permissionless, digital money.

Eyeing all the hefty adjectives in his statement? Don’t worry, the beautifully illustrated digital money primer will break down the key concepts behind cryptocurrency for your child and you if you’re a closet enthusiast wishing to learn the ABC of digital currency.

B is for bitcoinAlong with putting an immediate and effective end to the embarrassing “parentsplaining” of the digital world to children, this book also seeks to entrench in them the curiosity that will further help them in pursuing the new technology. Simply put, it’s an investment in tomorrow. The malleable young minds of today, when empowered with the knowledge of blockchain, will be the forebearers in innovation of tomorrow, exactly like the evergreen mantra states — ‘catch them young, watch them grow’.

Once people, born in 2009 and after, who have never known a world without blockchains turn 17, 18, and 19, that is when we are going to see mind-blowing innovations. Once the infrastructure improves and people take blockchain as a technology that is never going away, that’s when the really cool stuff happens. We have no idea what will be built then

With this book, Graeme is vying to aid in building something special for our future with one curious little kid at a time. The book will be available for purchase on Amazon in September. Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart. Your curious little kid is going to need it.

Let’s hope that few years from now, kindergarten teachers will get a surprise when they ask the kids “what does B stands for?”, and the reply comes:

B is for Bitcoin.


Sarim Mehmood

An electrical engineer to be. Sarim is a blockchain & crypto enthusiast and an early investor in ETH and Ethereum based projects. Contact the editor at editor.opinions@blockpublisher.com

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