A Tale of the Library of Alexandria and 9 Things That Will Change Education

Yes, we have heard of the Library of Alexandria and how every item of recorded knowledge or book ever written was burnt in a fire. Actually two various fires. Blockchain has found a way to store data in a way that it can not be erased or deleted as some state propaganda or a hate crime.

So, this time around we thought of compiling a fun list of how it would change something so widely debated. Everybody has their own version of what schools ‘should’ be like. We thought we could show what schools ‘can’ be like. If we all try and adopt a little phenomenon called blockchain.

So, here it goes – 9 Things that will change our Classrooms.

Among other things, here are 9 things that blockchain will change, which will in turn change the way we perceive education.

1. No more classrooms?

Choice between going to one or not, while remaining equally smart. What a great possibility. Count me in!

2. Automatic, online homework, digital and self checking

Okay so if anybody would still like to go attend traditional school for whatever reason they can at least enjoy dedicated attention of the teacher via blockchain on their homework, be corrected, critiqued and guided online.

3. Elimination of a human teacher

WOW tech! No embarrassing encounters and greater room for growth. No bully teachers trying to pin you down everyday in class. Good job! Unbiased and nondiscriminatory blockchain lecturers, i am in!

4. No need to be physically present without compromising on quality

Okay, similar to number 1. But, still. If i can mark my attendance from my train ride to another state while enjoying views of nature plus the lecture, i am in. It is kind of like virtual education but interactive and just rightly modified to the needs of contemporary times.

5. Specialized knowledge acquisition only

Yeah, i do not understand why i need to study physics if my lifelong goal is to become a fashion designer or a finance analyst. So i get what i want, like i want it. Good. I can take no structure telling me yes or no to my choices. I am the kinnnnnng!

6. No Parent Teacher Conferences?

No this is not.. This means parents or guardians may get emails, or online reports. Or you for that matter. But, still better that wasting so much time and opening room for drama with the traditional PTA’s.

7. More time for socializing and chitchatting

Of course this is important! Human connections are important. Children should be sociable so they can learn to improve their relationships of all sorts. They need such exposure! Good work Blockchain!

8. Easy and Precise

Easier to organize, remember and use information of all of the human history and civilization in one mind, sounds too good to be true, but its actually possible. That too with the benefits of precision and time saving. This means we will have genius prodigies, everywhere. Exceptional individuals and optimized living! The future is exciting!

9. Self disciplinary and Democratic

People can choose what they like, want and need. If all information could be found on a blockchain library and a blockchain based teacher can teach with guaranteed results and a promise of saving time, then who in their right minds would spend 18 or 20 years in a classroom. Catch me, yo! i am running to my post-grad right away! Whoohoooo!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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