A Scoopwhoop From the Sports Industry

We can see that the blockchain and sports industry are meddling well with each other. With start-ups opening up for the main areas like the fans, management, and activity, it looks like they know how to go about this one. It appears to me that they have more clarity with how they want to integrate the two.

Fight against unhealthy bodies just might be won

Ever since the advent of smartphones and TVs; people have stopped moving. But it looks like the war of laziness might just be won through the help of coins.

Most of the start-ups are using the reward-based system to get people up on their feet. The intriguing coin-based system helps them gain good quality incentives like tickets or sports goods.

Moreover, lots of companies are fighting for health and fitness related data of the masses. How can all the data we process anyway be used in a more secure and successful way? None other than blockchain seems to answer that question.

This initiative seems to be doing a lot good to the society, especially by making them more active, something health companies have been striving to do for so long.

Monetization of content

I have always wondered how someone became a YouTube celebrity? How could people become so rich just by posting online? It never came to me until I understood the concept of monetization. So basically, you get paid because you allow companies to play ads.

So, most sports blockchain are making use of this as well. No content is now created for free, so if you are smart enough you can create content and get paid for it. New communities are on the rise which focuses on increasing fan activity by engaging them in different ways. This means that we can see completely new content platforms coming up.

Tokenization will give chance to the underserved.

We all know that centralization s a plague. In most sports, the money stays in the hands of few and never reaches the deserving. There are many Olympic medalists that are striving to make ends meet. No recognition is given to them because sadly, talent isn’t the only thing that speaks, the money does too. So, in order to bring more equality. Sports blockchains now give you the opportunity to invest in an athlete’s career. To help people recognize their talent and you can easily support someone you always believed in. Due to the blockchain model, it makes matters transparent and you KNOW that your money isn’t being wasted.


Since it is all still new, the insights are still a little fresh and we’re working towards it. A lot of questions in the market still remain unanswered and there are always uncertainties and risks. Even then we’re still curious what more will they be bringing to the table. Do they have anything else to offer?

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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