A Quick Q&A With the Co-Founder of Lawrence Labs, James Lawrence

Recently, BlockPublisher got in touch with the co-founder of the blockchain incubator Lawrence Labs, James Lawrence. James is a pretty well-renowned crypto and blockchain influencer.

James was previously a community manager at the crypto project Odyssey. He is also the host of the podcast “$Culture & $Crypto”. The documentary series “Crypto Life” is co-produced by him as well.

James has interacted with a lot of founders and companies in the blockchain space and it is always interesting to get a perspective of this nascent world from someone who is actively involved in its progress.

Here’s the short Q&A that BlockPublisher had with Lawrence as he shared his opinions regarding different matters of this world.

  • When do you see an ETF getting established?

“Sometime in the 1-3 years.”

  • What effect will an ETF have on the crypto market?

“Initially not much, but I would imagine as crypto becomes more and more mainstream new liquidity will enter the market via ETFs and will be very good thing for digital assets.”

  • Do you think crypto will replace fiat in the future?

“No. I think cryptos will be divided into two categories. The category of currencies, and digital assets or security tokens. The currency side of crypto will act as a global secondary payment layer.”

  • Should there be regulation in the crypto market?

“For security tokens yes, for currencies like bitcoin no.”

  • What do you think about the manipulation present in the crypto market?

“It happens in every market, and I’m not sure crypto is anymore manipulated than any other market. I would be interested in viewing data on the comparisons.”

The demand for the establishment of a crypto-linked exchange-traded fund (ETF) is strengthening with each passing day. In James’ opinion, it might take 1-3 years for this to happen. Currently, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a lot of reservations regarding the approval of a crypto-linked ETF owing to the problems like volatility, manipulation, liquidity etc.

James also suggested that once an ETF gets approved, it will be a good thing for the crypto market as a whole. It might help push cryptos into the mainstream with improved liquidity.

James also pointed out an important detail regarding the role that cryptos might play in the future. According to James, we might see cryptos getting sub-divided into categories, each dedicated to playing a specific role. We might see crypto getting split into currencies and digital assets or security tokens. The currency side can handle the aspect of making global payments.

Manipulation is one of the factors that have marred the reputation of the crypto world in the eyes of the general public and the investor community. But as said by James, it happens in every market. According to him, he is not quite so sure regarding the extent to which this issue persists in the market and insisted on viewing comparison data to get a better perspective.

Get to know more about James Lawrence by clicking here.

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