A New Form of Business Operations, What is it?

A New Form of Business Operations is here.

Blockchain Technology has opened us to a new spectrum of possibilities. Blockchain and smart contracts help in saving time and energy in a way never seen before. This is bigger than any video on YouTube that you must have seen, any advice that you might have taken.

Technological advancements are made to improve lives and to disrupt lifestyles in a way that opens up to more and more profit. Let’s face it, nobody would be researching if it was not profitable. The idea helps us to breakdown the logic behind all of these ‘newer and better’ technologies.

All of these reinforcements are to radically transform the human experience and to smooth out our lives. (or any lives at all)(whatever helps big firms save time or money, time is money after all).

The world has limited resources (no new fact there), they must be invested in a manner that their best possible use it brought out. Although serious minded businesses do employ resources in a fashion that it helps produce the maximum return and the maximum output, but technology is helping in pushing these limits.

The bars of optimization is pushed in a way that the word has changed meaning over time. This means new waves of decentralization of power, ideas and businesses. One or two prominent businesses who do this will set a precedent that people will follow for times to come, changing our current patterns of production, product development, profit making and what not. This changes the entire notion of critical economy. The cultural apparatus will follow leading to changes and improvements in problems such as culture, wage or knowledge gaps.

Smart contracts can help in building perfect economies with no inconsistencies, manipulation and bugs such as inflation and unemployment.

Yes, it sounds very weird. How could there be no unemployment problem if tech is taking over from us?

Just because the assembly line came in, typewriters came in did not mean that people laid off will never find another job and never get back into the labor force? There are dozens of moral questions here, of course. The key here is to understand that technological unemployment is a temporary and short term issue. It is not a life long process. It is a small glitch in a larger process. The process as a whole is a larger item than just ‘improvement’.

The larger process is the notion of evolution. Technology has helped play a big part in it. Duh, no brainer!!

The evolution can not only help third world countries in leap frogging through tech and economic reforms, but also quickly result in bridging economic, gender and structural gaps. Let’s stay put and understand how dynamic these realms are. There is obviously so much more! Stay in touch!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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