A New And More Sustainable Crypto Is Finally In the Market; Eco Coin!

The premise of this crypto is simple, Do a good and sustainable deed, earn yourself some eco coins!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. According to the Eco Coin website, their virtual moolah can be earned by completing everyday tasks while keeping the environment in mind, riding a bicycle to work or eating a meat free meal!

It aims to be the best sustainable marketplace where consumers can actually buy ecological friendly experiences, services and goods. The business model is definitely the way to a more balanced future, where the economy and our ecology can prosper side by side. 
ECO coins like most other cryptos can be stored in digital wallets which are easily accessible through their mobile app. The sustainable acts by users are first verified by smart IOT integration which is kind of like a smart sensor integrated in your phone.

The website also features a nifty one minute video which links the larger issue of a depreciating eco system with their business model of helping the economy progress while simultaneously helping the environment. What sets their service apart is that they wont just stop at providing a digital currency that rewards and encourages sustainable actions and decisions but also to initiate a global crypto that helps decentralize the ECO coin.

According to the website, some of the causes in their whitepaper consist of ensuring that “Validation and verification of actions carried out”, A living currency is created that is “backed by sustainable assets” and that they maintain the “Best practices for sustainable blockchain protocols.”

You can sign up through the website and become part of the change today!

Source; Eco Coin website


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