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A Crypto Lead Analyst, Larry Cermak Demands The ICOs Should Be Held Responsible For Making Millions Promoting Token Sales

A lead crypto analyst, Larry Cermak states that the ICO organizers and other crypto influencers have garnered quite a staggering amount of cash promoting their token sales. This is a quite known trend recently in the crypto world and has been under the microscope of both the people and the incumbent authorities like the SEC. This has ignited the SEC to initiate an operation in order to get the ICOs registered before they announce the token sales of theirs. Though the recent actions of the SEC against the ICOs is rather worthy of the appreciation, Cermak states that the ICOs must be held responsible of stocking in millions which is a definite cause of unease. BlockPublisher took to the task of digging into the very discourse gathering remarks from the analyst himself.

SEC has done a decent job with the ICOs recently but the blow has not been enough to the ICO organizers and advisors who have put together the token sales. These individuals must be held accountable for the millions of dollars for the token sales they have arranged so far.

As per Cermak, the celebrities surely knew that the token push was not a necessary item but they still rooted for it. This escalates the amounts in the advisor and organizer accounts appreciably which is the root of all evil being conduct over the crypto platform. The entire concept of decentralization is the mere essence that the power belongs to no one but the top dogs of the game have already acquired the power which is the exact opposite sense which simply does not make any sense at all.

Cermak claims that justice will eventually be served but that will take a considerably large amount of time. This can be stated as the justice grind that turns slowly but takes all the adversaries in for the major verdict. Now that the SEC has all the ICOs to first register before the token sale, we are treading towards the eventual pleasant outcome of the SEC plot. Cermak has stated his remarks over this as,

The SEC doesn’t work like that. This is gonna be a lesson for a lot of people in crypto in how the SEC operates. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.

The decentralization concept has been turned down by major folks including actors and other celebrities as Cermak declares them all in violation to the concept that coined crypto to begin with.

In case you are serious: they enriched themselves by selling/promoting unregistered securities to retail investors. A lot of these actors knew damn well that the token was not necessary and yet they still pushed it to retail.

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