A Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform, Wagerr (WGR), Shares its Long-Term Vision

Wagerr is essentially a blockchain-based sports betting and gaming platform. It allows users from all the world to participate in betting in different kinds of sports. Being blockchain-based, users are provided with a secure and transparent ecosystem. But what is its long-term vision? How is its token different from the rest of the crypto tokens that are seen roaming around in the crypto market? In order to get the answers to these commonly asked questions, BlockPublisher got in touch with the company.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding its long-term vision, the company stated:

The long term vision is to become a beacon which sheds light on the importance of Blockchain technology and how through its proper and well structured economic model a great deal of outdated systems can be replaced. And through Wagerr we can showcase how the gambling/gaming industry can continue thriving under an open, fair, secure and guaranteed ecosystem available to all users across the world.

Regarding the difference of its token Wagerr (WGR) from other such tokens that are floating around in the crypto market, the company stated:

Besides the 5 Ways to Win blog, the other major difference is our economic model as it is based in a circular economy model,

Besides this, the company also talked about the topics of crypto replacing fiat, and blockchain technology overall. The company seemed to be of the view that cryptos are likely to replace fiat in the future, its only just a matter of time before we see it happen. The company praised blockchain technology and termed it as something that constitutes the missing link between the society we live in and a society we strive for.

The prospects that are presented forward by blockchain technology overall are unlimited. The decentralized peer-to-peer framework employing the distributed-ledger technology (DLT) at its core keeps all the happenings of the network transparent and visible to all. Many industries across the globe are constantly searching for the use-cases of this nascent and revolutionary technology. Gaming and betting is just another industry that is exploiting the benefits of this nascent technology. Various industrial frameworks can be revamped if blockchain tech is used properly. It’s just a matter of time before we see it incorporated into various industrial frameworks.

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