8 Desert Safari Plans To Make In Dubai With Bitcoin

Thinking about taking a sabbatical, a summer trip or an exotic Easter break? Let us inspire you to make some essential decisions to get your holiday adventure on, or at least just set you into the mood for some fun.

Everybody is entitled to letting off some steam. Whether that means wanderlust or some serious plan making and getting down to the business of just chilling out and having some fun in the sun just when it is most needed.

1. Morning Safari

You have probably heard that the desert wears a new outfit every hour of the day. But ideally, you should see it transit from the twilight into the breaking dawn and live ages in a few hours, the wisdom, beauty, and energy that it encapsulates should leave you wanting more and yet satisfied. Take a morning safari and tour the heart of the desert.

Don’t worry about the pick & drop, enjoy dune bashing, sand boarding, an optional camel ride, an optional quad bike & buggy ride, with the most exhilarating sunrise view. This could be the most intense and colorful 3-4 hours of your life, and you can forget everything, heartbreak, pain, the boring routine of every day and everything that kills you.

Via Dubai Desert Safari
Via Dubai Desert Safari

2. Evening Safari

If you are not a morning person and you would rather be the same on your holiday, you can enjoy a similar experience in the evening and this could be crazier considering all the party possibilities and the glittering night that is impending, would you trade that for anything? A tour here would include Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding, Camel Ride, Belly Dance, Tanoura and a Fire Show. The food here would get you in the mood for just about everything in life, vegan, non-vegan, vegetarian, halal, not so halal, get anything you need. Because the desert does not discriminate.

Via Dubai Desert Safari
Via Dubai Desert Safari

3. Overnight Safari

You can avail it in the morning and as well as in the evening. Just freaking stay there and watch it transcend, the life here would be beautiful and all your urban soul needs is a few hours in the decadent royalty of nothingness and yet everything primal to luxury you can imagine. Bitcoin buys you a tour, complimentary services, love and beauty, this time bitcoin is more than money, and it can buy you everything, it can buy you happiness and experience that changes everything.

Via Dubai Desert Safari
Via Dubai Desert Safari

4. Camel Safari

Trust us, you really want to soak into the desert vibe, and all the medieval vibes of another world desert you need are on the back of some posh camels. Live in a true convoy styled fantasy and take a piece of it back to your home. Because, before the sunsets, you will be a different person with all the perspective you need in life. Bitcoin can buy you a piece of this place, it will stay with you, live with you, and help you throughout your life here on.

silhouette of people riding on camels

5. Quad Biking

The Dubai desert is calling and it has opened access to beautiful quad bikes waiting to sit at your disposal. You can not be an adventure lover if you have not tried this beauty that never fails to excite the human core. Dubai desert on Red Dunes. If you have other indulgences, let them be, choose from 20 minutes to 3 hours, and you will be as happy as you choose to be. Spend something like a 100 AED- 700 AED, you will really be in for a real treat.

Via Dubai Desert Safari
Via Dubai Desert Safari

6. Dune Buggy Safari

Dune Buggy Safari is a thrilling self-drive on the dunes of Dubai desert. You get the chance to ride one of the powerful buggy ranging from 840cc to 2000cc. This is what really takes you away from your day-to-day ruts and brain-bashing. Morning and Evening options to choose from, bikes to choose from and time frame that you can decide, depending on your stay in Dubai. This tour would include:

  • Pick-up and drop off from Dubai
  • Dune Bashing of 45 minutes
  • Visit to camel camp
  • Sandboarding
  • Safety briefing, training and instructions
  • Helmets and goggles provided
  • Desert Dune Buggy ride for 01 hour
  • Soft Beverages are provided

This ranges from AED 900-950 per person, and in bitcoins, it really means nothing too much.

person standing beside black ATV

7. Hummer Safari

Be the best version of you. At least for your holiday time away from home.

Via Dubai Desert Safari
Via Dubai Desert Safari

If you are planning a trip to The Desert Trip, do it with style and live like an urban king, Arab style. For dune bashing, the luxurious “hummer” lets you enjoy the dessert roller coaster in a truly Arabian-desert style.

five white vehicles parked on desert

8. Hatta Oman Safari

No doubt Dubai has many hidden attractions in it to offer, that your tour might get short of visiting them all entirely. So plan your time wisely and pick the locations

Go to the desert they say, it’ll be like nothing else they say, no, this is not a meme, this only means that the adventure of a lifetime is ready for you to take it, let yourself go with the sand dunes, starry skies, and landscapes that our hometowns really don’t preserve.
Via Dubai Desert Safari
Via Dubai Desert Safari
Book the Dubai Desert Safari plans ASAP! Go ahead you are the king of your reign, pay through cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the cult-favorite Litecoin, chill out in the desert and have a real good time, through the ease of your crypto wallet!

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