7 Reasons Why i Would not Invest in Crypto

Every avid reader, knowledge seeker, tech junkie and intellect who has stumbled upon our work in the crypto realms must have noticed the repeated theme. The theme of trying to open up the eyes of the readers to the world of cryptos and how it is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, shocking and mostly just rewarding. An average reader must have wondered if it all is so cool, then what is the matter with the public. Human greed, intuition, desire, curiosity, something should have led the population to the crypto land effectively by now. But, neh. Why neh though? Well, we decided to break it down for y’all.

So, here we have seven reasons, one of which could be holding back any given person from making wonders out of cryptos.

1. I am Lazy

Yeah well, we do not understand such people either. How can somebody be too lazy to do something productive with their lives than lay around their house. But, well, their life their rules.

2. I am always late to the party

Such people ‘need’, absolutely NEED another person to lead by example. This is the kind that is undecided about the craziest party in the town even three hours into it. Always left behind. So much to catch up for these people. Where is the fun in that.

3. I have a destructive relationship with myself, whereby i can not watch myself do something good for myself

Wow, what a toxic relationship it must be. Gotta get out of it. Asap. Snap out of it Sistah! Life is hard. Pull yourself together and juggle with some luck for better rushes and excitement instead!

4. I am too busy scrolling my timeline

We are all familiar with this kind. Addicted to the pretentious social media realms. This kind gets off by the views, likes and by watching people live. Voyeuristic kind may not enjoy earning a little extra over what the phone screens promise them.

5. I am too busy binge watching reality television and critically acclaimed failures

Ugh. Glued to the television. If you addicted to television shows and or Rotten Tomatoes, we know you would prefer scrambling through new watching materials than on crypto pages. Its a hard spot to leave. But, we suggest you jump right out and into more progressive things.

6. I would rather roll in bed than research

Well, the bed has no comparison. We feel we could just lay all day, taking trips back to the memory lane. Going back to the childhood not thinking, not worrying. What a beautiful life. However sustainable, it is still calm and all yummy right. To hell with all the drama of careers, investments and growing up.

7. I like to spend, not to earn

Well, fair enough. You are on the other end of the bargain. Then spend it on cryptos man! Get the most out of this that you can! It is crazy out here. Come take a look.

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