6 Women Give Crypto Thinkers and Makers Some Fierce Advice!

Only a few blockbuster startup success stories feature women, but the number of women leading “unicorns,” startups valued above $1 billion, is rising. So, it got us thinking, women are fierce and they possess a pretty strong prowess over intuition and detail.

US financial watchdogs are gearing up to bring law reinforcements to the unruly world of cryptos, this got us thinking why not combine the powerful duo and have some serious fun.

Over time, having women in powerful positions, they are building their place in the society that they have been deprived of for years and years. Placing bets on how long a woman will stay in a p-rated organisation is no longer a joke.

Meetings with women founders who might never have gotten through the door at male-dominated firms could radically transform the young and nubile crypto and blockchain tech industry.

Women know what they want, they are building their powerhouses with like-minded groups and diasporas and they are ready to fight battles nobody thought of before.

So we brought together 6 women and asked them what they thought of cryptos, they were all from various professions, different economic backgrounds and age groups.

In no particular order:

These crypto markets are very sentiment-driven and people who don’t have their own set of opinions about the space will just respond to whatever the market is doing. This is no place for such unresponsive and analytical heads. 32, Asian, Entrepreneur

The last i heard Marshall Islands made plans to issue its own cryptocurrency. Where is ours? 24, Canadian born Indian, Young mom

Until user experiences and the stingy interfaces change, I think it’s going to be really challenging for non-crypto-knowing people like me start using them, i mean, why is it so bad, who makes it like that? 21, British born Pakistani, Student

I think the industry needs more literature and better representation in pop culture to be prominent among the global youth, it’s not reaching me at least. 17, American, Student

I try to understand it but, it is not appealing enough for me. I can’t find enough motivation to invest. They are doing something wrong and that is sad. 18, Catalan, Tour Guide

I just do not know which sources to use for research or as a starter pack. 21, Arab born Indian, Part time student

What are your views? Let us know? Know more people who are opinionated? Then hook us up! We are interested!

We are burning the midnight oil for you, what are you doing for your future?

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