6 Web Bookmarks For Crypto-Enthusiasts!

The crypto-world is filled with excitement and fun.

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But, sometimes fear is also lingering in the corners of your mind. Once, you step into the crypto-world you will feel emotions that you’ve never ever felt before. It will be an emotional roller-coaster because the truth is the market place is unpredictable as hell. One moment the value of your crypto is skyrocketing through the roof and the next minute it’s hitting rock bottom!

Yes, that’s how it rolls in the crypto-verse and the sooner you get used to it the better.

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However, stepping into the can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. The best thing a crypto-beginner can do is to get all the necessary tools to start his/her journey. That’s why we bring you 6 websites that need to be in your favorites. These websites are for the beginners and the experts because these amazing sites will keep you track of the latest news and gossip from the crypto-world!

Block Publisher

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If you want to stay updated with all the latest juicy news, gossip and want to be entertained as well. Just subscribe to Block Publisher will you? We promise you, you will never miss out on any news from the crypto-world. It’s the perfect place to look for tips on trading and investing. It  has it all from the latest news on the crypto-games to how the blockchain technology is taking over the world. So, make sure you subscribe and have it in your bookmarks. Block Publisher will be your favorite guide in the crypto-world!


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It’s the most popular forum which keeps itself up to dated and coordinated with whatever is happening in the crypto-world. You name it! Discussions about Bitcoin, information on the newest coins, coin announcements, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and a lot more. Keep it in mind to listen to writers who are worth listening to and skip the ones who are just babbling and don’t know much. The easiest way to determine who you should be reading is determined by the number of messages and responses that if the writer is a newbie or is truly worth reading.


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One of the major news portal from the crypto-verse is CoinDesk. You can find the tiniest of details about the cryptos. It’s updated on a daily basis. There is so much more than news. There are tutorials for beginners, information about blockchain startups, crypto-events and crypto-conferences. There is nothing you will not find on this website. Give it a try and you’ll fall in love with this one.


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It’s the leading currency index for cryptocurrencies. It has all the real time data from all of the trading platforms. Daily percentage change? Market value? 24 hours trading volume? You can find it all. It’s a must must have!

Cyber Fund

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This website has all the deeds on IPO’s raising funds for innovative and new crypto-projects. Anyone can easily see which project is in the process of raising money, there is even information about fund raising projects from the past. It’s a great place to look for newest projects that have a great potential for investment.

So, make sure you bookmark these websites! These are the best websites out there to know everything from the crypto-world. These will be your crypto-guide on your journey to conquer the crypto-throne!

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Do you know anymore websites that have been helpful? Let us know below in the comment section. Help your crypto-buddies out! Do some good deeds and karma will return you the favor!

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I love to write and channel my feelings into words. I'd like to quote my favorite author and poet. Who has taught me every word matters. “let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences” - Sylvia Plath. I'm here to fill your lives with some crypto-gossip. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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