6 Things To Know If You Have Stolen Bitcoin And You Wish To Keep It

So, if you are planning to get some cryptos the faster way, then here is all you will need to know.

1. You Need a Safe-house:

Imagine, you have successfully pulled a lot of money together, as long as the owner doesn’t move them first, you can remain patient, Withdraw money piece by piece to remain low key and go without notice. The best way is to stay is the rich parts of the world, like South France, so people do not notice the big spending and you camouflage. Also, have a good cover story.

2. How To Clean The Dirty Money?

The plain way to clean up your money is like people shuffle money to evade taxes, very unpatriotic and super illegal, but this means a need to find a money launderer, only in this case a bitcoin one. The rules of this game are different. Although we do not support any of this, it is all for informational purposes.

3. How To Keep Your Stolen Money Safe From Thieves Online?

If you have used a tumbler and shuffled your money to a new address, then use a physical paper wallet using an Arch Linux boot which has never been online. This will keep it safe and offline, until you are ready to use.

4. Why You Immediately Need To Convert It Into Fiat:

The Bitcoin economy is still tiny and relatively illiquid. Wherever you go, there will not be many buyers who could cash you out for all your Bitcoin all in one sale, and a transaction of a big size would surely raise alarms. So, to spend freely, use and exchange or multiple ones, and slowly cash out.

5. Sweetest Crime Story of them all:

Bitfinex said hackers took 119,756 Bitcoin, valued at about $65 million. In April 2017, the exchange said it had repaid all customers. There are ways you may get caught in future. This happens through the improved sophistication of the bitcoin forensics and intelligentsia, so in case you are wondering, there is a small chance that you can get caught in the future by some retrospect tech science and mystery solving.

6. Other Dirty People:

Perhaps it would bring you some comfort to know that Back in 2015, The story hit news that two former U.S. federal agents who helped unleash and bring down the ever so famous illegal Silk Road Internet drug emporium were charged with wrongfully pocketing a tons of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin. So, maybe if you stay clear of the mogul spending, you could save yourself such shame. Good-luck until then.

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