6 Great Things Shaping Our Futures

Thanks to Cryptos and Blockchain

Here is an amazing list of reasons why blockchain and cryptos are changing the world for you. You future is being handled. Trust it.

1. No kings, No masters in tech

Blockchain is an Open Platform. This means that anybody could use the Bitcoin blockchain and build their idea on that algorithm. Anybody could use the Ethereum blockchain and so forth. The working is not specific or limited to the companies or people who created them. These are not companies if companies annotate a business giant or corporation with several layers within their hierarchy, red taping and mean profit orientation. Blockchain is for everyone. It is decentralised which is the opposite of bureaucracy and hierarchical topologies.

2. Hotbed for innovation for all, by all

The technology can be used to actually build newer ideas based on it. It may or may not have to do with the currency, regardless. Most of the Ethereum – The second largest blockchain after Bitcoin’s startups are actually real-world applications of things other than money. But, what cryptocurrencies have done for money is massive too.

3. Building Trust that is based on Math

Bitcoin and other cryptos are actually not a great replacement for currencies such as the USD or Chinese Yen, they are however, better payment solutions than things like Money gram and Western Union or PayPal. This is most because of their ability to be clear of any legal issues and money laundering or high sticky prices for money transfers. This means huge success and ease of trust and quality issues across the world, especially with the creation of self fulfilling smart contracts. Genius, right?

4. Solving the Unbankable Inertia

What cryptos are best known for is creating banking opportunities for the unbankables. They require no paperwork, no legal hundred paged verification and source of income identification etc. No bureaucracy, only plain old peer to peer trade and money jam. There is no central authority telling you no darling, you can not have an account because you are too young or too old too.

Or, because you do not have an ID card that we would like to see or that we do not like your color, creed or caste. Yes, the world has grown way more and beyond this But, these are actual issues in some of the countries in this very world that is talking nuances of colored feminism, pride and ableism. How sad is that.

5. Disrupting all domains of human life

Bitcoin offers payment solutions. Or at least it is best known for them. Ethereum offers services that start from banking and go on to gambling, time killing, earning, sex, dating and medicine. There is a lot more between the finer print of lives in today’s Blockchain-Ready world. It is even entering markets of booze, gaming and television programming. Well, that is Everything Homer Simpson and I ever dreamed of!

6. No limits, New gen services

Google and Facebook and Amazon struggled before they could become such big powerhouses. The corporations we see today, only a handful actually, dominate the global industry, may it be retail, information tech or media. But, it all needs to be decentralized. No matter how advanced or thoughtful they are still not the most optimal and problem free. Although in infancy, blockchain can make everything much better. Google is already looking into the tech, holding conferences and what not. Barclays has borrowed from the Ether blockcahin to issue and handle its trade derivatives. More and more national banks and big retail bankers are looking into the scope of these crazy things happening around that will change the face of the earth in the next 30 years.

Life is much more complicated than we imagine. We are busy running on our hamster wheels in our own bubbles, as the world struggles to find answers to these factors driving the world crazy.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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