5 Things Gen Z Wants ASAP

And it is willing to work for it

Gen Zers are hustlers. Like never seen before. They will quit school if need be, they will expedite education or postpone if need be. It is all about getting into the economy ealiest possible. Some Gen Zers will find something productive to do before school ends, no time for the wasting. We absolutely heart this moto.

Gen Z wants it all. Yes, all generations wanted it all too, but, little were able to do what it takes. The tech loving and trendsetting generation wants five things that they will work left right center for. They will multitask their way up to get them. Just the Gen Z way.

Number 1 – A Shelter

Whether it is a co-working space, a loft or a secret hideout a Gen Zer will love to share it. As long as nobody talks their and let’s them live alone but with company. Also, the sharing can not happen laterally – that is with older generations. But, rather with the same age fellows, that like minded and sane minded for them. So buying some private space is actually buying some peace of mind. They will not spend $ 8,374.384 on it. They are smarter than that. It is hard to sell to them nonsense.

Number 2 – A Gadget Upgrade

So, clearly they have phones gifted by their parents, guardians, that they bought on installments or whatever. But, they will upgrade it to higher internet speed, netter battery life and more storage. They need not to be bugged on these things, by an item of such potent need after all.

Number 3 – An Idea

The brain of Gen Zer works 30% faster and thinks x3 times more than millenials. They process information really fast. Which is why they always knew they needed a genius idea to make things work. They know they would rather be their own boss than be under somebody or of somebody, so the back of their mind id locked on it 24/7/365.

Number 4 – A Little Dangling Toy

Gen Z does not buy things for display, they are simple, they want hardcore intrinsic value, they want reasons to flatter them not brands. But, yet they may invest in a vanity piece as a gift of endorsement to appeal to the older generations and to uplift their status. They find it super material though. But, they might get on as a present. This could be a car, some Guccis, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy or something of the sort.

Number 5 – Cryptos

Yes you Guessed it right! – It is cryptos, how can that tech loving tech breathing generation not like cryptos. They understand it, they are not scared, they like the concept, the will make money because why not and they will dove right in. This is their tech venturing life. The heart of it. They needed something like this because bank savings schemes and Wall Street d not do it for them. Cryptos is how they off! finances wise, obviously. No jokes there.

Khunsha Javed

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