5 Futuristic Blockchain Powered Projects You Shouldn’t Miss Out on!

Despite the lighting speed growth and advancements blockchain innovators have already made in the last decade or so, it is still important to realize that this technology is still fairly new.

Whether or not it becomes as big as the internet is still yet to be seen as we’ve only just scratched the surface of the endless possibilities and applications of decentralized systems and operations.

And we’ve got a long way to go!

However, some of the projects that are being developed or are already available to consumers in the crypto market are pretty impressive and since it is still too early to be sure before investing into blockchain, it helps to know a bit about the projects themselves.

So we compiled a little list of some of the ones with the most potential!


Despite having the monopoly over money and financial services, banks do not necessarily cater to every individual, especially freelancers who do not work under a defined contract based agreement. That’s where cool projects like the U.Cash network come in.

Source; U.CASH Network Website

The network aims to provide multiple financial services such as the easy conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies, sending and receiving funds and also instead of a traditional ICO strategy, offer a unique method called the IBO or Initial Bounty Offering where users gain tokens by completing bounties.


Ever wondered what the future might look like? Well, you may not have to look much further because Vibe Hub might just be the all in one solution. This project has integrated blockchain solutions and volumetric video technology to create a futuristic platform which hosts everything from gaming to education to a decentralized market place where users will make transactions using the project’s own Ethereum based crypto called Vibe.

Source; VibeHub Facebook

The project’s coolest feature are the super realistic holograms that will be projected via VR technology and with the added bonus of allowing users to monetize the content they create, why wouldn’t anyone want in on the action?


ODEM stands for On-Demand Education Marketplace and is looking to make higher education opportunities more accessible for all. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, this platform seeks to link students, teachers and service providers so they can engage in study programs and educational attainment is made far easier for the masses at lower costs.

Source; ODEM Website

Using the ODEM Token and Wallet services, users can pay for fees or get paid via a safer, more secure and transparent method on the platform. Not only does the platform promise a higher quality of education but also helps in the search for employment opportunities later.


This next project also dabbles in VR, AR and 3D technology but they want to completely revolutionize how users interact with the internet. Founded in 2014 Mark.Space wants to make their alternative reality accessible to consumers via any browser or device without having to download, upgrade or purchase insanely expensive VR or 3D gagdets and softwares.

A 360 degree attainment of entertainment and virtual solutions is the main objective of this company, but the most interesting aspect is the use of blockchain technology using smart contracts that allow for open and secure ownership of property. The MRK token is another application of blockchains and will be used for payments on the platform.


Last but definitely not least is a project that helps users cut out the middle man and gain control of the way they buy, sell and interact with cyrpocurrencies. Cointal saves users from the time consuming and expensive hassles of crypto exchanges and lets you list your coins and have the offers come pouring in on their online portal.

This peer to peer platform already accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and is set to incorporate more and more cryptos soon!

Keep tuned into this space for more cool and interesting blockchain ventures!

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