5 Crazy Ways People Are Using Blockchain and Bitcoins

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are made of crazy. So when people go crazy with it, it doesn’t come to us as a surprise, well maybe only sometimes.

Keeping Tabs on Sexual Consent

Consent has been a trending word of 2018 and rightfully so. Thanks to feminism, we were educated about consent in ways we didn’t know and many of us found that the things we were feeling guilty about all our lives were not really our fault in the first place.



So in 2018, an Amsterdam based startup LegalThings, which specializes in digital contracts, launched a beta version called LegalFling which employs blockchain technology. The idea was inspired by #MeToo movement. What it does it that it allows a user to specify requirements and whether some practices are okay with them. After they are done specifying, they send a message request to a sexual partner, who decides if they want to accept or decline their terms of interaction. The interaction is recorded so neither party can tamper with the record of interaction.

Sharing Solar Power

Getting solar power is expensive enough but you can make up for it by this crazy blockchain-infused idea. A startup with the name of LO3 Energy, in partnership with Seimens, is testing their capability through an app called Brooklyn Microgrid. It allows consumers to sell environmental credits to other residents who otherwise don’t have access to solar power.

Consumers are responsible for managing transactions.

Time is Money

We have all heard this time and again and this time, Evan Prodromou turned it into a blockchain. Yeap, you heard it right. He started commodifying his time, only the professional time. Thankfully his family didn’t have to pay him in order to spend time with him. On the contrary, I should be doing this for all my pesky relatives that want to see me for no reason. Living in desi households with extended families is a task, I tell you!

We Got Your Gigs

This is not a crazy idea but definitely an innovative one, so innovative we might just call it crazy!

If you know, ShiftPixy is a platform that specializes in workforce engagement for the restaurant industry to keep a track of hiring and onboarding gig workers. It is responsible for managing data regarding gig workers.

Get Loyalty Points Instead of Brownie Points

We are all sucker for points. We are more likely to shop again if we know we are getting something out of it and this is basically what is happening. The idea, however, is nothing new as it has been used for a very long time.

But why do we need a blockchain for it? Well, to streamline customer rewards programs through blockchain technology. To put it simply, loyalty programs lack universality and anyone who has tried using them finds it difficult to navigate a loyalty program as it can be hard to redeem or exchange programs points.

And this is where Loyyal comes into play as they help you track your loyalty points accurately.

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