5 Crazy Tokens People Are Sucking Up On

We bring you another 5 crazy creative tokens.

Xmas Token

What great lengths can companies go to spread their nuances right? We are not half surprised at the discovery of this one. The Xmas Token is meant to be “a symbol of gratitude and thank you, a token meant to be given,” according to its developers.

The underlying subtle point is to spend Ether to buy these tokens as gifts for friends and family. How sweet. This is kind of like buying E-cards. Well, we like the idea of it. The whitepaper does offer the promise of a return on the investment. How sweet. No promises mean no broken hearts. Ain’t this santa super nice. Santa will make XmasCoin “the most hyped token,” the developers said that “token value will skyrocket.” Cute. Cute. Cute.

It didn’t. In fact, this one ended up on Bitcoin Exchange’s naughty list, which called it “absolutely irrelevant,” “frivolous” and “almost-fraudulent.” Naughty Santa, ruined our taste. Ew.

Lust Coin

Well, much needed gotta say. People cringed on the idea of Tinder and then later on Grindr. People don’t like creative things initially okay. Not everybody has an eye for art.

This decentralized sex marketplace has clear a vision to help “all human beings on earth to find their perfect sexual partner anonymously.”  In other words, it’s a platform for prostitution. Or a hookup ground for all. As long as its safe, we like it. Kinky and cute? The “all human beings” appears limited to men seeking women. A little sexist don’t you think?

The developers’ assurances say that it’s not illegal anywhere in the world fall flat, given, at the minimum that some governments have outlawed the very use of crypto.

However ICO Tracker gives this a scam alert.


SpankChain is an adult entertainment ecosystem. This is built on the world famous ICO harbor called the Ethereum network. It was founded by individuals from both the adult entertainment industry and blockchain development world. Wow! Such unique matches.

In short, it’s a way for viewers to pay performers directly. This solves two problems: It gets more in the pockets of the performers by eliminating the intermediaries, and it eliminates the need for banking networks. Quick money, paid fast. Love it!

Porn performers, like those in the cannabis industry, face business banking challenges because banks can refuse to do business with them. That leaves operating on a cash-only basis or opting for far costlier services. This is to resolve as the technology flourishes even more.

Jesus Coin

“Unlike morally bereft cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has the unique advantage of providing global access to Jesus that’s safer and faster than ever before. No shame, only cleanse. The coin offers:

  • Sin Forgiving — Jesus Coin is negotiating with churches to outsource sin forgiveness – Buy ablution
  • Transaction Speeds — Record transaction times between you and God’s son

Its makers predicted it to achieve $50bn Market Cap. Couldn’t be lie right? Should not.


CrowdPainting calls itself a decentralized art project. Its goal is to “Become the world’s largest collaborative painting, owned and managed by all of its contributors.” How artsy!

CrowdPainting has been around since 2014. The ICO’s objective was to raise funds that would integrate CrowdPainting to the blockchain. So it would “exist autonomously and allow all participating artists to own the canvas forever!” What an effort, we are sold!

INK tokens allow artists to paint empty areas and receive a canvas address for their painting. Users can also use INK to upvote and downvote the work of others on the platform. Auctions coming up soon! We like it, do you? Let us know which one you like.

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