5 Coin Obsessions More Weird Than Your Fantasies

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Of course, there’s a FUCK token. However, not how you think. No, it does not help people hook up or anything, or it does, but, who knows. The token is meant for another purpose. The name, according to the project’s web page, is an acronym and stands for “Finally Usable Crypto Karma.” Its sole mission: “To help everyone around the world give a FUCK.” Interesting, right. We are intrigued, are you?

The FUCK token is interesting as it actually has a decent market cap: $2.2 million as of July 2018. And there’s exactly 101 FUCKs in a wallet believed to be owned by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. That’s a hundred too many fucks for us. The network gets some serious social work points, no.


Titcoin (symbol: TIT) appears to be a legitimate project. No puns or jokes intended though. The popularity exists in a small level, albeit without much traction. It aims to become a means of payment for adult content, which isn’t that bad of an idea. However, not many fancy admirers of TIT. It doesn’t appear to have many partners accepting the coin. Its price has also risen significantly in January, from nearly zero to $0.06 at one point. It’s currently trading at about $0.02. Fun right? What is happening to this world. Is this the world you want your kids to grown in? HELL YEAH!


No they are not kidding you about the Bananacoin. It is a real project intact and in place. That too based on some serious ecological principles. It has quite an odd premise: Its value is pegged to the export price of 1kg of bananas. The company behind the token says it’s the “first environmentally friendly plantation in Laos” with a mission to “grow organic and healthy” bananas. I’m not sure why such a project needs a cryptocurrency but hey, whatevers gonna rock your banana loaded boat.


Unlike most of the projects above, Coinye is very old in cryptocurrency terms. We don’t know if it’s a Korean way to say Kanye or Just misspelled. We would like to leave the guessing on you.

It is actually one of the first joke coins that appeared on the scene. Game on, Kany-oin, Kanoine, Kanine, Coinye.. It was a coin with a cartoonish image of Kanye West on it and zero utility.

Unfortunately, Coinye was short lived, as the project had to be dismantled after a cease & desist letter from Mr. West’s lawyers. How sad. Now we know what Kim actually felt about it. Great lawyers! Note to self: we should get one of those too.


Dogecoin is the ultimate punny joke coin. It was created purely for fun, although so many coins are but, for largely inexplicable reasons. The joke coin has not so jokingly, at one point risen to a $2 billion market cap. That’s 2 billion dollars worth of jokes. Or money for jokes, we don’t find it that level of funny. Maybe a standup comedy show.. or nay. Okay, a different sense of humor perhaps. But, still. Think about that for a second. How much in jokes, would you spend?

The price of DOGE dropped significantly since that high but it still has a respectable market cap of $790 million. Its founder recently said that the entire cryptocurrency market is in a bubble that’s bound to burst at some point. Wow that’s too much bad faith for a founder? Or are the grapes too sour, sir?

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