5 Bitcoin Wallets to Use Before 2019

Worried that you might lose your money? Is there a bank for bitcoin? Can’t find a secure wallet and stuck in a state of confusion? Stay cool. Keeping your bitcoin in an online exchange is just like keeping money in a bank but you might lose your bitcoins, due to unregulated exchange. Here is a list of secure wallets to keep all the crypto you’ve got safe and away from preying eyes.


In our daily life, we all need a wallet for storing our money. Just like that, it’s important to secure your cryptocurriences as you don’t want to lose them. CoinbaseWallet is great with its security for your money, it provides a two-way authentication. There is also an interesting, option, which gives you full control of your cryptocurrency called the vault. It’s easier to use and user-friendly. What’s better than saving your money without any worry?


Now, while you’re going through this article, you are probably wondering which one is the best option? Choose the one which is most suitable for your situation. If you have a huge stash of bitcoins, and you need a hard bitcoin wallet. Don’t you fear, Trezor is here? Hard wallets are like a physical drive where you can keep your bitcoin keys safer than ever. There is no worry for hackers because the hackers can’t bypass the extra layer of authentication. Suck it, Hackers! It will only cost you $100, and guard your entire life! Seems like a nice offer, no?


Got a lot of transactions to make? Worried that you won’t be able to do it in time? Well, Bitcoin.info is your hero. You can easily make 100 million transactions without any fuss. This online wallet has

made this possible by putting in a lot of time and effort into security and innovation. Talk about determination! If you are a bitcoin enthusiast, this is the one for you. They will treasure your treasure!



This one is for the android users! We have some good news for you. You can download Electrum Bitcoin wallet app via play store. Whereas iPhone users, it is not available on iStore. If you are tired of other online wallets which do not give you a full authority of your private keys, then let Electrum be your lifesaver keep your keys private at all times and enjoy the full power. Now nobody can stop you!

Other than that, Electrum also supports hardware and cold storage wallets. There the option available for two-factor authentication to protect your bitcoin. Better stay protected than feeling sorry for yourself later.



If Trezor has already won your heart, take a look at Ledger. Ledger also keeps your bitcoin from online hackers and scams. Hackers got nothing on us, baby. You can also use Ledger unplugged, which is a contactless Bitcoin wallet. It lets you make transactions easily while your device is connected to your computer. We are really winning here, aren’t we?

Remember to choose the type of wallet you this better for you and don’t forget to be careful!

Maira Zaheer

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