4 Things That Make Cryptos Great

We can live hour lives in the dark, as unaware, too cool to care, unlit people or we could understand the workings of this world.

It is too easy not to give a damn about how things work, it is too easy to live in a vacuum, but it is also very sad.

The world functions on patterns, human mind operates on patterns that it has mastered over the years. These patterns contain codes of likeness and dislike. Almost similar to a flow chart that ends at either of the two conclusion, like or dislike.

Anything, say food, car models, fashion models, ideas, movies, games, gadgets are made successful by factors such as good marketing, good brand ambassadors, creative advertising and effective PR. But, then there is a whole list of things that are desirable even though these elements do not really apply or may be absent.

So i delved into a little dissection of human thought and i came up with a list of things that help in making something popular in our time.

1. The promise of something different

This is what the average technology piece tries to present to you. It tells you to get that laptop, that Gameboy, that headphone because it is different and it will make your life change. This is something that i have seen with new cryptocurrencies as well. The entire notion of tokens exists so people can promote single products as individuals or with personas that can not be bought by the regular money. Tokens are thus a success.

2. The promise of the future

Any car, automated home products, appliance or banking solution that may sound futurisitic will sell. Too futurisitc and it will go down the drain, but future feels are good feels that help products succeed over time. Cryptos that are marketed as the cryptos of the future, tokens that promote futuristic blockchain based games, and tech on fleek services all do this and lead very publicly popular and wanted lives.

3. The promise of self worth and desirability

Average beauty ads, the way banks put themselves into the pop culture scene and crypto wallets are perceived all lead to this. Tesla’s self driving and self paying car, all high tech and time saving products use this idea. These add to the buyers persona and self worth thus become popular. Cryptos do this by tickling our need to be original.

4. The promise of ease and high utility

This is something that cryptos can use in publicizing themselves in countries with poor economic and financial infrastructure. This ease is also extended to small businesses looking to expand globally. This can help in extending the markets by tapping in to the insecurities and needs of many by a little help of effective marketing communication. Cryptos do provide a great deal of ease, and that can be great for businesses, perhaps this is the only thing that is missing from the marketing plans of most cryptos.

Is there any other vital promise that you feel products use to appeal to people? Let’s brainstorm together! Share down below!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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