4 Things Common About Bitcoin and Game of Thrones

Let’s just cut to the chase shall we!

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Everyone Is Hooked

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Game of Thrones rose to its popularity ever since it hit the television back in 2011. Now its one of the most popularly anticipated shows out there. Netting fans from all over the world.

The first Bitcoin was mined in 2009 and ever since then it has been unstoppable. Crypto-enthusiasts keep coming back for more and more.

All them crypto and GoT fans can’t get enough!

Addictive and Frustrating

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What keeps the crypto and GoT fans coming back?

GoT has always somehow manage to be equal parts of addictive and frustrating. Making for a shaky balance which weirdly never seems to tip off in the wrong direction. There are dragons, deaths, war, evil schemes, romance and zombies. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

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When its come to Bitcoin trading its super addictive. All it takes, is you to make the right trade and BAM! You’re rolling in crypto. Next thing you know, you find yourself planning some more awesome trading moves to test in the market. That’s where it all begins.You’re addicted. The frustration comes along, when you make some bad trading moves. It’s okay though! That’s just how everyone learns to be a crypto-trader.

The key? Hang in there. It’ll get better.

It doesn’t end here. The crypto-world is full of drama. There are crypto-celebs arguing over the most moronic stuff ever. Who doesn’t like some live-virtual drama over Twitter? We’re all technically living for this shiz!

Everyone Is Emotionally Invested

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The truth is everyone is freaking emotionally invested and we all have George R.R Martin to blame. In a good way though!

He has crafted a story that gives everyone the chills. All the GoT fans have extremely strong feelings towards each and every character. Whether it’s the unadulterated love for Tyrion Lannister or hate for Joffery. Every character has given the fans a reason to give a damn!

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In Bitcoin trading, everyone is emotionally invested one way or the other. After all there is money on the line! Especially when the market is salty, emotions are all over the place. The traders are desperately waiting for the prices to go up obsessively checking the prices day in and day out. Trust us! Bitcoin trading can be emotionally exhausting when you’re really hooked to it. Its always the emotional investment that keeps us all coming back on a daily basis.

Unpredictable As Hell

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All the hardcore GoT fans who’ve read the books, swear they never know whats going to happen. People have all types of theories and in the end everyone have their mouths wide open in shock. With so many characters and plots its just impossible to predict what’s really going to happen.

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The Bitcoin market shares the same unpredictability. No one can ever knows what’s going to happen next. Everyone makes their own predictions, but you never know what’s the situation util it really happens. The market is risky, volatile and extremely difficult to predict with so many other crypto’s in the market.

All the crypto and GoT fans are always left with their jaws on the floor in the end!

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