4 Kinds of People Who Can Make Their Own Cryptocurrency

So we were a little bored of the usual this week. You know checking out what’s new (nothing is), reading mail (mostly spam) and thinking about (mostly, arguing) what kind of burger we would like for lunch. So, this was called for. We want change. We want newness. We want happy things. Don’t you too?

We want cool stuff to happen around us, tell us you are all ears?

So, if you are anyone of the ones below then get ready. We are in for fun. You should be too. Life is gooood, let’s make it better.

Are you busy? We hope not. Because we know just what you should try out next. Here’s a short list of people who are perfect matches for starting their own cryptocurrency. The kinds that create stuff, sell it well and are able to maintain its glam.

1. Social Media Savvy:

Do you know how to build audiences? Aren’t you the big performer. You will need people when you launch your product. You will need these people when you validate your problem and you sell them a solution. Don’t we all love validation oh so much? Imagine if you get some when you are making a new cryptocurrency?

The easiest way to run a devil’s advocate scheme before you begin to consolidate your idea is through social media. This targets the customers or the likes of similar people who may be interested in the goods. So yes, there is other social media jobs or businesses that you could get, its called launching your own cyrptocurrency! 😉

2. Reddit Lover?

Sub-reddits are great tool for idea revision. You love it like we do? Then why not cash in on it and create a problem centered token? Your reddit communities can be the number one customer of your product.

There are several sub-reddits you will want to be a part of to monitor: What’s trending? What’s bothering people? What do people complain about? What are problems people are having that maybe you can solve? This can help you make your startup really resonate with the minds and aesthetics of the audience watching despite their goldfish memory spans.

3. Social Butterflies:

More mouths are always and always, better than a few, except never. Your mouth should be the first one talking and that is how your crypto party will start rolling in.

Discussions, mini conferences can be extra ordinarily effective for your early product marketing and to get the enthusiasts talking. Letting people know that something is coming should help prepare them in advance. You are just the person for it, the right kinda preacher!

4. Be Frugal and Resourceful:

If you are then you can bring yourself to code, or to learn coding before you actually code, then handle the pre and post production of your venture. How cool is this right? You are the kind that can push itself to make things work by adding in no matter what it needs.

And always remember, such ventures are for the Patient and Cool Headed Ones.

Is there anything that we left out, hit us up and let us know!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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