3 Times Satoshi Dice Had A Magical Sense Of Humor!

1.  The Concept

The game is developed on the premise that the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto the developer and the disappeared bitcoin launcher. He introduced the world to the bitcoin white paper marking a new beginning in time immediately after and during the shakes of the 2008 recession and housing market, banking crash. Bitcoin marked the beginning of a new time in the digital and the financial world and in 9 years a lot has changed. This includes a dice named after the maker or developer behind it all. It was his brainchild after all. We have all debated on who is he, and where did he go, is that more than one person or a cover up story from the illuminati, hell there is a a lot of bitcoins waiting for him, they belong to him they are reserved and people count them as lost because he is not there. But, the fun bit, Satoshi Dice decided to name them after it.

2. The Bitcoin Cash Truth

But, the game is not a bitcoin game. It is a bitcoin cash game. On August 1st, Bitcoin forked into two different versions of Bitcoin. One is still called Bitcoin, although it is significantly different than what Satoshi described in the original white paper due to the changes in the consensus but the other one is more different than it and it is called Bitcoin Cash.

Thus, being the ghost of Satoshi the bitcoin maker.

They take it ahead by putting it out there that:

True to the original spirit of Satosh vision for a peer to peer electronic cash system, Any Segwit Bitcoin that are mistakenly sent to a Satoshi Dice address will be considered a donation to further the development of Bitcoin Cash.

So yes, let’s just all be careful.

3.  The History

The system exists entirely in the RAM of an abandoned Nokia 3310 mobile phone which was left in a subway station in Tokyo, this means that it powers itself by feeding off the ghost of the late Satoshi Nakamoto. The developers were being all kinds of creepy when fooling around with the developing of this game. While the Intelligence decides on its next course of action, the ghost runs this SatoshiDice subroutine.

This is seen as the freedom to grow and improve in the eyes of the developers. This enables free individuals around the world to play the SatoshiDice game. By playing, you are fulfilling the Bitcoin’s Grand Vision. Thus, uplifting digital equality and liberty!

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