21 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is The New Sex

Ever wondered what makes bitcoin, bitcoin, other than the regular electronic, logical and numeric things? It is a lot more than encryption, it has a personality, a distinct taste, a unique style that makes it different than other cryptos. It is the king after all. It is the starter of the starting of it all and this pioneer is now interchangeable with sex. Here are 21 reasons how:

  1. It is easy to get carried away with bitcoin

  2. Bitcoin makes no mistakes in the number of people who get in

  3. Bitcoin likes to shake things up

  4. Bitcoin is unpredictable

  5. Bitcoin has a beginning middle and end

  6. Painful sour sweet agony

  7. Bitcoin is trouble for some, an outlet for others

  8. There are others but nothing gets bitcoin lovers off

  9. Bitcoin has intimacy problems

  10. Accidents happen

  11. Some Get lucky, some don’t

  12. There is something for everybody

  13. There are time and place for it all

  14. It doesn’t have to be perfect all the time

  15. People hate it sometimes, haters gonna hate

  16. Unwanted perps get in for funky business

  17. Safety first

  18. It is broadly stigmatized

  19. People get addicted

  20. There are complex patterns that can be understood over time

  21. Bitcoin is on everybody’s mind, good, bad, clean or dirty

  22. Everybody wants to have it

So you have more suggestions, or you disagree? That is cool. Let’s type-fight it all. Fingers on the keyboard, get set, go!



Khunsha Javed

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