First Downer of 2019: Fortnite & Epic Games Are Not Into Cryptos

It was only a couple of days ago that crypto enthusiasts and the Fortnite community were celebrating, the two biggest trends coming together. However that celebration as it turns out, was rather short lived. The recent reports of the video gaming phenomena, accepting the Monero cryptocurrency, XRM, for the purchases of merchandises turned out to be incorrect.

Fortnite Merch Store Is Accepting Cryptos in 2019

The series of misunderstandings started out with a tweet from the developer of Monero, Riccardo Spagni.

After which, the news spread like wildfire. But Sweeney extinguished the whole thing and set us all straight, in his tweet yesterday.

And while this may seem like a downer for a lot of crypto/gaming enthusiasts, it is not all loom and gloom. The CEO hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of using cryptocurrency or blockchain tech, in the near future. On the contrary, it turns out that the Epic Games community has a bit of a fandom, of the decentralized computing technology.

However, a lot more work is needed on volatility and fraud proofing before bringing it to such a broad audience that includes younger gamers.

Sweeny explained further.

Yet despite this, there have been rumors going around the gaming and crypto communities about Epic Games secretly having a cryptocurrency or blockchain project, up its proverbial sleeves. Of course Sweeney was quick to diffuse those rumors in his tweet.

However, the word ‘eventual interception’ does leave room for further speculations. It wouldn’t be really surprising even if Epic Games had something blockchain or crypto related in the pipelines. Because which thriving company in today’s world, isn’t involved with the revolutionary technology? According to a PwC report that was published back in the August of 2018, 84% of companies surveyed were “actively involved” with blockchain technology.

Yet there is one question that still lingers, even after all the clarifications; was this all really accidental? Following Sweeney’s tweet about the “accident”, Andre Elijah, who happens to be the founder of OPIATS VR, posed the question.

Turns out Epic Games, has quite the history with such “accidents”. Back in the September of 2017, a few keen gamers noticed that they were suddenly playing Fortnite with players on other consoles. Interestingly enough, Epic Games hadn’t really released any such details, however they were allegedly keen on this idea. Now the gaming company that claimed it was a, “mistake” accredited this whole scene to a bug. Talk about déjà vu. An Epic Games spokesperson told Engadget at the time;

We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected

 I guess all we can say is, ‘fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you’ Epic Games. No but seriously, it is a shame that the most popular video game isn’t into cryptocurrecy as yet. It has roughly 80 million players hooked on Fortnite! The company has the potential to earn a whooping $3 billion mostly from Fornite.

If Epic Games did choose to accept cryptos or launch a blockchain project, it would garner some serious business and an insane amount of transactions. It is probable we will witness the collaboration of Fortnite and cryptocurrency, it is only a matter of when. Till then, stay tuned to BlockPublisher.

Abeer Anwaar

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