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2019 is not Likely to be the Year of Crypto, says CEO of Civic

Vinny Lingham, the CEO and co-founder of Civic, is also a general partner at Multicoin Capital and Newtown Partners. He is a well-known entrepreneur as he has been awarded several accolades such as Top Young ICT Entrepreneur in Africa Award and Endeavor High Impact Entrepreneur. Previously, he founded incuBeta, Silicon Cape Initiative and Gyft & Yola, Inc. Apart from this, he is also the board member of Bitcoin Foundation.

Recently, Vinny expressed his opinion about the crypto market on Twitter. He showed his expectations for the crypto market in his tweet and predicted that markets would be rising in far future.

To get his valuable insight on the crypto market, BlockPublisher reached out to Vinny. He was enquired if bitcoin and alt coins enthusiast would be able to experience something substantial in the ongoing year. He replied:

Doesn’t look like it does it?

He was further asked if 2019 was the year of crypto. He responded:

Most likely not.

Crypto market has been down for several months and people in the space are starting to lose their hopes for the future. To be able to sense the future before its arrival has always been beneficial, especially, for the investors. So, Vinny’s opinion provides useful insight about the future of the market but it should be remembered that the crypto market can turn around the tables anytime.

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