2 Ways To Get Rich With Ethereum While It’s Raining Outside

Here Is How To Get Rich Before It Stops Raining!

The best thing about cryptos is that baby, you do not need to be born rich in here, you can work your way up, by starting small. The best way to do it is of course by bounties since mining sucks up so much energy now a days. Mining became unprofitable when the network became so huge, it is now only something that people do it in big warehouses that are dedicated to it.

The next best way to earn with cryptos has now become the best way, yay! Join it, it is not as complicated.

1. Participate in Ethereum Bounties and Air Drops

Programmers, writers, coders, hackers and so many other people like content creators or customers who can write reviews are often appointed to perform activities that help various businesses to test, validate or to promote their product. This is a common phenomenon in tech. Everybody needs a devil’s advocate after all!

Big companies (and smaller ones too), now call people to perform these activities and air their skills or opinions for a bounty in return, this monetization helps businesses like a new game for example to test if they have achieved customer satisfaction like they wanted to or not.

Some companies like John McAfee’s unhackable wallet has become known to deny hackers like CyberGibbons, the bounty as promised, by lying and by backing off. This however, is one of the many exceptions not the rule. Bounty programs lead to an accumulation of a lot of money for starters.

A lot of games offer these programs, if its raining outside and you are home bound, then better put that brain of yours to work here!

2. Learn to Code Games

CryptoZombies is an interactive code school that teaches you to write smart contracts in Solidity through building your own crypto-collectables game. This is a free course that can help you launch your own crypto asset and help you monetize it like the Enjin Coin, it allows users to make money out of their idea thanks to the blockchain’s permission less innovation model.

Coding games can be fun, but the take out, night out, pub and bar plans come in between us and our goals. So while it’s raining and you feel like staying in for a good two or three days, then it is best to sit your arse down and begin the learning. Once learnt you can sell your services and enjoy the money all by yourself.

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