13 Things to Buy With Bitcoin & Cryptos for the Young & Wild

Rewind nine years, how young were you? Barely remember the days? Well. It was the beginning of a world changing moment in history for some, thanks to the birth of bitcoin.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a decade-minus-one-long roller-coaster of wanting validation and mood swings in public approval. The attention seeking ho* of the finance world – cryptocurrency has surely taken its time to get here. It is widely popular and yet, very, very under-rated even now. We decided to bring to you a list of things it has accomplished so far – Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

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1. Mavericks tickets

You only have to be young at heart, yes. And, no wild does not mean crazy. Mavericks are amazing okay. Bitcoin-skeptic-turned-backer Mark Cuban announced that his NBA franchise, the Dallas Mavericks, will allow payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and possibly some other currencies starting in the 2018-2019 season. Even more amazing? Get Yours Now! Wait stop, get some coins first.

2. Lap dances

Bitcoin has made payments easy in case you are in Las Vegas and have forgotten your wallet home. The club’s got it’s own Bitcoin ATMs to help you out. The gentlemen’s club known as the Legends Room accepts bitcoins and anything else traded on the Bittrex exchange as payment for all the club has to offer, from beverages to lap dances.

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3. A Brazilian Butt Lift

Yes, you heard it right. No the Kardashians have not started it yet. You can be among the first ones to. BodySCULPT, the Manhattan-based plastic-surgery practice says it’s the first in the big city to accept bitcoins for the posterior procedure. Well, goes for more than just butt lifts. Applies to all of its other services, including liposuction. So whether it is about taking off a few pounds or adding some, crypto’s got you covered.

​4. Big Whoppers

One word – Yum! The Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands, started accepting bitcoins in 2016, two years ago. That’s older than the age of operation of BurgerKing in some countries. Not only did it opened it’s arms or whatever to accept the payments, it went two steps ahead and offered one free Whopper for every Whopper purchased with the digital currency. Race to your nearest BurgerKing in 4, 3, 2..

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5. Oscar vote counters

The real ones, not dupes. Got big numbers that need to be crunched, or perhaps equally amazing Oscar votes that need to be counted, then you’ll be happy to know the global accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers accepted its first Bitcoin payment in late 2017. Get your school or university to use them in the next Student union council elections, how cool would that be!

5. Funeral Caskets

The young ones die young, no just kidding. Should you find yourself in the need to purchase a casket while in St. Paul, Minn. then you’re in luck: Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation offers a 3 percent discount, if bought with cryptocurrency.

6. Guns

Talking of death and dead bodies, the Central Texas Gun Works allowed bitcoin purchases among Texas firearms dealers in 2014. Not in any way supporting the gun-lobby. But, the Austin-based store accepts bitcoins for online and in-store sales, should you be wondering.

7. Rolex watches

Young people can own their own time pieces no? And not the counterfeit ones, cryptocurrency is highly anti-counterfeit. Luxury goods market and fintech, sound like a true match! The online luxury-watch retailer JavyEstrella.com has opened itself to the arms of digital currency. No more laying low crypto owners. Lets cause some diamond studded 24 Carat head turning.

8. Mattresses

The first crypto sale was processed fifteen minutes after the online mattress retailer GhostBed began accepting bitcoins. A good night’s sleep is now digitally possible. Ease and sleep go hand in hand, right?

9. Car Headlights

Chasing headlights is your favourite hobby? Find no more we have found you the best alternative to local currency bought ordinary headlights. Last year, the Florida-based, online auto-headlights store Uzooka.com announced it was accepting bitcoins. Pull out a few Crypto Bucks, gotta go Headlight Coining ASAP.


If crypto was bad, we would be saying ‘YOU CRAZY JAPAN’?! with you. But, we are not, because, it is a truly legendary invention that has blessed our lives. Bitcoin acceptance is soaring in the land of the rising sun. Among the recent converts is Bic Camera, Japan’s largest electronics retailer.  Question your government, ask what is up its head that is keeping you from the crypto goodness?

11. Beer

One word – CHUG. One place – Pubs. Shakespeare may have invented ‘happy hour’, Bitcoin enthusiasts were the ones who changed the face of pubs for generations to come. Beer fanatic in are among the earliest adopters and most ardent supporters of the currency. The prized, historic, Australian Old Fitzroy being among the first Bitcoin-friendly bars in 2013.

12. Crypto Slays In Vegas

The D Las Vegas and its sister property, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, made iconic Vegas history by accepting bitcoins at front desks, restaurants and gift shops in 2014.

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13. Meatball-Marinara sandwiches

Hurry up before the deli runs out of them! In 2013, a Pennsylvania businessman made news for opening up his Allentown-based Subway to bitcoin sales. Four years later, it is still fresh as readers comment down below how much they appreciate the idea, that’s right, please comment!

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